NVIDIA, TNO and Smart Mobility Norway Join the International Alliance for Mobility Testing and Standardization

New members expand the alliance’s international portfolio of advanced mobility testbeds

WARRENDALE, Pa. (October 13, 2020) The International Alliance for Mobility Testing & Standardization (IAMTS) announced three new members: NVIDIA, TNO and Smart Mobility Norway. The new members bring expertise in simulation, safety and proving ground operations that will benefit the ongoing work of the consortium.  IAMTS is a global, membership-based alliance of stakeholders in the testing, standardization and certification of advanced mobility systems and services.

“We are thrilled to have NVIDIA, TNO and Smart Mobility Norway add their expertise to build the best practices that support IAMTS,” said Peter Doty, secretariat at IAMTS. “Each of these organizations understands that the correlation of virtual- and real-world-testing of connected and autonomous vehicles is key to efficient and safe deployment.”

With decades of graphics processing unit (GPU) technology and AI expertise, NVIDIA has built the software-defined, end-to-end NVIDIA DRIVE platform. The transportation industry is using the high-performance, energy-efficient compute platform to build intelligent vehicles that are continuously improving via over-the-air-updates. The company’s hardware and software platform empowers autonomous vehicles to process large volumes of sensor data and make real-time driving decisions. For autonomous vehicle testing and validation, the NVIDIA DRIVE Sim software and NVIDIA DRIVE Constellation AV simulator deliver a scalable, comprehensive and diverse testing environment in the virtual world.

“By joining IAMTS, we’re able to share our vast knowledge in high-performance computing, simulation and AI to create safer and more efficient roads,” said Barnaby Simkin, manager of autonomous driving standards at NVIDIA. “We look forward to bringing our expertise in software-defined autonomy to the alliance to help shape the future of autonomous vehicles that will transform the way we live.”

Based in The Hague, Netherlands, TNO is an independent research organization whose expertise and research make an important contribution to the competitiveness of companies and organizations, to the economy and to the quality of society as a whole. TNO is working to ensure that new, connected automated vehicles (AVs) and systems are safe and reliable as well as comply with the law, and with ethical and societal standards.

“As an independent organization, we are thrilled to join this alliance to contribute to the development of a safe, open environment for shared research for AVs,” said Martijn Stamm, market director at TNO. “The collaborative efforts by the IAMTS are crucial to solving the challenges of AVs and we are honored to be a member.”

Added Olaf Op den Camp, senior consultant at TNO: “Scenario-based safety assessment is a topic of great importance to make traffic safer across the globe. IAMTS has been able to collect key world players to collaborate on this topic. TNO is pleased to contribute actively to this initiative with our knowledge and expertise in order to harmonize approaches, to share efforts and to come to a common understanding of methodologies to assess real-world performance of connected automated driving systems.”

Smart Mobility Norway is developing a world leading facility for research and development on smart mobility in mid-Norway. It is working to foster faster, safer, greener and cheaper transportation options. The new center will feature test tracks and laboratories and take advantage of an ever-changing environment that challenges autonomous transport.

“We are eager to gather with the problem solvers within this alliance to drive forward the amazing potential of autonomous vehicles,” said Jan Selvig, chairman of the board at Smart Mobility Norway.

Added Torhild Aarbergsbotten, project manager at Smart Mobility Norway, “By working together, we are excited about the ways artificial intelligence and digital twins can accelerate the safe deployment of AVs.”

For more information about IAMTS, including membership, please visit: http://iamts.org or contact info@iamts.org.

About the International Alliance for Mobility Testing & Standardization (IAMTS)
IAMTS has the mission to develop and grow an international portfolio of smart mobility testbeds that meet the highest quality implementation and operational standards.

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