IAMTS Begins Work on Automotive Cybersecurity Testing and Validation

Effort Will Build Towards Best Practices in Cybersecurity Testing for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

WARRENDALE, Pa. (May 6, 2021) The International Alliance for Mobility Testing and Standardization (IAMTS) today announced a new effort on Automotive Cybersecurity Testing and Validation. Recognizing that cybersecurity is a ubiquitous concern and a global challenge for autonomous and connected vehicles, IAMTS will utilize a cross-regional (U.S., Europe, Asia) and cross-stakeholder (industry, certification & testing, proving grounds) approach to develop best practices for cybersecurity testing and validation.

IAMTS’s effort is in conjunction with global efforts to define cybersecurity requirements for future mobility systems. In Europe, UNECE published Regulation No. 155 Cyber security and cyber security management system and Regulation No. 156 Software update and software update management system in March 2021. In the United States, NHTSA has invited public comment on the Agency's updated draft cybersecurity best practices document, Cybersecurity Best Practices for the Safety of Modern Vehicles, and more work is ongoing in other regulatory and standardization bodies.

“A common problem in security requirements is that they are too abstract and, thereby, underspecified. In the automotive domain, many only prescribe processes and methods but do not show how security can be achieved in a concrete system,” stated Eddie Lazebnik, lead for the IAMTS working group and head of strategy at Cybellum. “In the case of automotive cybersecurity testing, for anyone interested in UNECE WP29 readiness, contributing to the IAMTS efforts to create additional cohesion within the industry is paramount for success.”

In addition to Cybellum, the working group currently includes IAMTS members from TÜV SÜD, CATARC, IEEE and Tallinn University of Technology.

IAMTS is a global, membership-based alliance of organizations involved in the testing, standardization and certification of advanced mobility systems and services. The alliance works to develop and grow an international portfolio of smart mobility testbeds that meet the highest quality implementation and operational standards.

For more information about IAMTS, including membership, please visit: http://iamts.org or contact info@iamts.org.

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