Five Leading Aerospace & Defense Companies are the first to select IAEG Sustainability Assessments powered by EcoVadis

The International Aerospace Environmental Group (IAEG) is delighted to announce that five of the world's leading aerospace and defense companies, Airbus, Boeing, CAE, Raytheon Technologies and Rolls-Royce have selected IAEG Sustainability Assessments powered by EcoVadis. This sector initiative is a voluntary program that aims to accelerate sustainability performance in the aerospace industry and the extended supply chain.
Airbus, Boeing, CAE, Raytheon Technologies and Rolls-Royce, all members of the IAEG, continue to recognize the importance of progressing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) priorities and assessing ESG risks in the extended aerospace supply chain and are committed to achieving sustainable growth through responsible practices. By working with EcoVadis, a global leader in sustainability ratings, they will be able to benchmark their suppliers' sustainability performance against a standard industry framework that will enable informed business decisions, duty of care compliance obligations, sustainability reporting, and positive change in environmental and social topics. By embracing a common approach, suppliers will benefit from only completing one sector-level assessment rather than multiple ones.

"We are thrilled to have these companies on board with us in this initiative," said David Graeber, a member of the IAEG Board of Directors. "Their commitment to sustainability is a testament to their leadership and dedication to driving positive change in the aerospace industry. Through this collaboration with EcoVadis, we hope to see more companies join us in our efforts to make our industry more sustainable and responsible."
The IAEG is a collaborative forum of leading aerospace companies that works to promote environmental sustainability in the industry. EcoVadis is a leading provider of sustainability ratings, which assesses companies' ESG performance across 21 indicators and provides them with a comprehensive scorecard.
"We are excited to be working with these companies and the IAEG on this sector initiative," said Richard Eyram, EcoVadis Chief Customer Officer. "We believe that assessing sustainability performance across the supply chain is essential to promoting sustainable growth and driving positive social and environmental impact. We look forward to supporting these companies in their sustainability journey and helping them achieve their goals."
Through this initiative, the IAEG and EcoVadis aim to accelerate sustainability improvement within the aerospace industry. By promoting responsible practices and greater transparency, they hope to drive positive change and create a more sustainable and resilient supply chain for the future.
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