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General Motors Hybrid Systems and New e-Assist Powertrain

Hybrid systems have been available for several years now, and offer customers a decrease in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions at an incremental price. Hybrids, in some cases, have offered improved other customer benefits such as reduced noise, vibration and harshness or better acceleration and the satisfaction of increased societal benefit. Sometimes the vehicle utility is compromised by the volume dedicated to energy storage systems. Several hybrid architecture arrangements exist in the market, and offer various levels of hybrid feature. But considering acquisition cost and operating expense, most hybrid vehicles have not offered a direct total cost advantage when compared to non-hybrids. GM's new e-Assist system is highly integrated with the engine and transmission functionality, and takes advantage of the highest value fuel economy enablers available with light electrification. The well balanced e-Assist system offers an unusual overall customer value, delivering 25% fuel economy improvement in a full sized sedan, and without compromise in vehicle utility. The e-Assist system is part of the base powertrain in the 2012 Buick LaCrosse.

Peter Savagian, GENERAL MOTORS

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