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Technical Keynote: State-of-Art of Moire Method and Applications to Shape, Displacement and Strain Measurement

Moir? method is useful to measure the shape and the whole-field distributions of displacement and strain of structures. There are many kinds of moir? methods such as geometric moir? method, sampling moir? method, Fourier transform moir? method, moir? interferometry, shadow moir? method and moir? topography. Grating method analyzing directly deformation of a grating without any moir? fringe pattern is considered as an extended technique of moire method. Phase analysis of the moire fringe patterns and the grating patterns provides accurate measurements of shapes or displacement and strain distributions. Some applications of these moir? methods and grating methods to dynamic shape and strain distribution measurements of a rotating tire, sub-millimeter displacement measurements from long distance for landslide prediction, real-time shape measurements with micro-meter order accuracy, etc. are shown.

Yoshiharu Morimoto, Moire Institute Inc.

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