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The Electric Vehicle in 2012 - Overcoming the Barriers to Development and Adoption

Despite significant investment by both government and industry, the electric vehicle is not achieving the market share needed to make a significant impact on carbon emissions and energy independence. This presents some particular questions to policymakers and manufacturers; how to overcome the barriers to development and adoption in a tough economic climate? how can industry be encouraged to develop electric vehicle technology that meets consumers performance and pricing needs and how can consumers be encouraged to buy? The dramatic reductions in CO2 emissions required by international law present some formidable targets that need to be met over the coming two decades. How can we accelerate EV adoption to help achieve them? This keynote aims to introduce the subject and in particular examines the role of motorsport competition in driving electric vehicle technology innovation and helping to persuade the public that electric vehicles can be cool and exciting - and not as dull and boring as they are often perceived.

Paul Drayson, Drayson Racing Tech. LLP

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