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ARAMiS - Taming Multicores for Safe Transportation

Multicore processor are well established in classical and tablet personal computers for some year. Such processors use more then one central core for computation and allow to integrate more computational power with smaller costs. However more than 90% of all processors worldwide are not placed in classical IT but are empedded in bigger systems like in modern vehicles or airplanes. Such systems face a very high demand in terms of safety, security an reliability which hinders the use of multicores in such systems. The funded project ARAMiS faces these demands and has the goal to enable the usability of multicore systems in the domains automotive and avionics, as well as later also railway. ARAMiS is the basis for higher traffic safety, traffic efficiency and comfort. In order to achieve this goal the project comprises all necessary competences from more than 30 partners: OEMs from automotive and avionics, Tier1 suppliers, hard and software manufactures and leading research institutions of the corresponding field. The technical goals of ARAMiS comprise hard- and software architectures as well as methodologies, enabling the development of multicore systems for the corresponding domains. Embedded multicore systems will be developed starting from future scenarios and requirements in automotive and avionics. The biggest challenges are the high requirements in safety, reliability, security, and certification. The project is not focused on specific solutions. It focuses on general solutions which can be used in all fields of the targeted domains. Our goal is to demonstrate the usability of multicores in safety critical applications and domains. ARAMiS has a budget of more than 36 million EUR for three years. It is financially supported by the German ministry of science and education. The project recently started in December 2011. This contribution focuses on the presentation of the vision, goals and the content of the project.

Rolf Schneider, AUDI AG

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