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A Pathway to Lean Engine Operation: Pre-Chamber Jet Ignition Combustion

Turbulent Jet Ignition is an advanced spark initiated pre-chamber combustion system for otherwise standard spark ignition engines. Combustion in the main chamber is initiated by jets of partially combusted (reacting) pre-chamber products which provide a high energy ignition source. The resultant widely distributed ignition sites allow relatively small flame travel distances enabling short combustion durations and high burn rates. This presentation outlines development of this combustion concept in a modern normally aspirated PFI production engine. Experimental results have highlighted high thermal efficiency (42.8%), significant fuel economy improvement (>20%), low engine out NOx (<10 ppm), knock limit extension, high load capability (>13 bar IMEPn) and high speed operation (5500 rev/min).

William P Attard, MAHLE Powertrain LLC

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