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Spotlight on Design: Automated Vehicles: Sensors and Future Technologies

“Spotlight on Design” features video interviews and case study segments, focusing on the latest technology breakthroughs. Viewers are virtually taken to labs and research centers to learn how design engineers are enhancing product performance/reliability, reducing cost, improving quality, safety or environmental impact, and achieving regulatory compliance.

In the episode “Automated Vehicles: Sensors and Future Technologies” (24:31), highly automated driving is looked at in detail as the culmination of years of research in automotive technology, sensors, infrastructure, software, and systems integration.

Real-life case studies show how organizations are actually developing solutions to the challenge of making cars safer with less driver intervention. IAV Automotive Engineering demonstrates how a highly automated vehicle capable of lane changing was created. Experts from Continental North America discuss the evolution of safety systems that help to progress vehicles toward total autonomy, and the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University profiles a fully autonomous vehicle (no driver needed).

This episode highlights multiple areas of interest, including:

- Background and definitions of autonomous technologies

- A ride-along in a highly automated vehicle with one of the engineers responsible for its design

- A look at the evolution of safety systems and sensor integration leading to automated driving

- Future trends and challenges

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