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Spotlight on Design: Diagnostics and Prognostics: Proactive Maintenance and Failure Prevention

“Spotlight on Design” features video interviews and case study segments, focusing on the latest technology breakthroughs. Viewers are virtually taken to labs and research centers to learn how design engineers are enhancing product performance/reliability, reducing cost, improving quality, safety or environmental impact, and achieving regulatory compliance.

In the episode “Diagnostics and Prognostics: Proactive Maintenance and Failure Prevention” (21:04), Delphi engineers explain how they leverage the growing number of sensors and computing power in vehicles to diagnose and proactively solve emerging mechanical or electronic problems, before a breakdown occurs. This video also looks at the next generation of automotive telematics, with HEM Data demonstrating how in-vehicle data acquisition is used to monitor the inner workings of vehicles. Additionally, aerospace engineers at Meggitt show how diagnostics is used to predict failures on gas turbine engines before they happen, with possible catastrophic consequences

This episode highlights multiple areas of interest, including:

- Background and definitions of diagnostics and prognostics

- OBDII and wireless communications enabling diagnostics and prognostics to be linked to communications channels

- Vehicle on-board diagnostics and how they help technicians diagnose and troubleshoot issues

- Diagnostic and prognostic solutions for gas turbine engines

- Future trends

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