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Spotlight on Design Insight: Fuel Efficiency: Fuel Economy Testing

“Spotlight on Design: Insight” features an in-depth look at the latest technology breakthroughs impacting mobility. Viewers are virtually taken to labs and research centers to learn how design engineers are enhancing product performance/reliability, reducing cost, improving quality, safety or environmental impact, and achieving regulatory compliance.

As global concerns about the negative consequences of greenhouse gases on the environment increase, regulatory agencies around the world are taking serious steps to address the issue of tailpipe emissions

In the episode “Fuel Efficiency: Fuel Economy Testing” (12:05), engineers at the EPA’s National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory demonstrate how different vehicles are tested for emissions, and AVL’s technical team shows how accurate tailpipe emissions can be measured and reported.

This episode highlights multiple areas of interest, including:

• Exclusive interview with EPA officials on fuel economy regulations

• A look at EPA’s emission test facilities at the National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Lab

• Demonstration of EPA’s testing of hybrid and electric vehicles

• Hands-on look at exhaust measurement device for measuring and reporting accurate emission data

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