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Spotlight on Design Insight: Sensors: Noise Avoidance and Cable Manufacturing

“Spotlight on Design: Insight” features an in-depth look at the latest technology breakthroughs impacting mobility. Viewers are virtually taken to labs and research centers to learn how design engineers are enhancing product performance/reliability, reducing cost, improving quality, safety or environmental impact, and achieving regulatory compliance.

Extreme environment sensors require extreme environment cables that can reliably perform in temperatures up to 2300° F, withstand intense vibration, and have extraordinary strength.

In the episode “Sensors: Noise Avoidance and Cable Manufacturing” (8:53), an engineer at Meggitt Sensing Systems demonstrates the intricate process of developing cable for sensors used in these situations. Drawing from a variety of manufacturing techniques, including a braiding machine originally used for making shoelaces to attaching connectors by hand, “Sensors: Noise Avoidance and Cable Manufacturing” features an in-depth step-by-step look at the entire special cable fabrication process.

This episode highlights multiple areas of interest, including:

- Step-by-step demonstrations of cable manufacturing for sensors

- Exclusive interview with an engineer responsible for cable design

- A look at how cables are tested for extreme environments

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