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Spotlight on Design: Automotive Charging Infrastructure: Vehicle and Grid Integration

“Spotlight on Design” features video interviews and case studies, focusing on technology breakthroughs, hands-on testimonials, and the importance of fundamentals. Viewers are virtually taken to industry labs and research centers to learn how design engineers solve real-life problems.

These challenges include enhancing product performance, reducing cost, improving quality and safety, while decreasing environmental impact, and achieving regulatory compliance.

In the episode “Automotive Charging Infrastructure: Vehicle and Grid Integration” (21:00), engineers from NextEnergy and an infrastructure expert from General Motors explain how technologies are rapidly converging to power electric vehicles and support the overall electric grid. This episode highlights:

  • How the fast expansion of charging infrastructure is changing the way electric and hybrid-electric vehicles are gaining the confidence of consumers.
  • The strategic work being developed to expand the presence of charging stations where they are most effective.
  • The new models being developed to make the best possible use of batteries once they are no longer suitable for car use.
  • The importance of the secondary use of car batteries to power local micro-grids, enabling communities to be more energy independent.
  • The need to bring together engineers, grid experts and consumers to establish the best technology and implementation solutions to support a faster adoption of electric cars.

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