Visionary's Take: How a Vision Becomes a Company (Part 1 of 2)

Can you become a visionary or are you born one?

How does a visionary capture an opportunity and makes it a successful business?

Are engineers more qualified to solve technical problems or run companies?

SAE's "The Visionary's Take" addresses these and many other questions, by talking directly with those who have dared to tackle difficult engineering problems and create real-life products out of their experience.

In these short episodes, Daniel Hutchinson, Founder and CTO of PostProcess Technologies talks about his experience in creating a brand-new company in the already competitive world of additive manufacturing, and specifically focusing on post-printing.

Founded in 2014, PostProcess Technologies developed a unique triad of software, hardware and chemistry that works together to make the process of removing supports and surface finishing easier to deal with. This is the phase where mistakes can ruin a great manufacturing run: parts can break when their support is removed, for instance.

The answers were developed by pushing technology to a higher level, testing quickly and often, and keeping an open mind to alternative ways of framing engineering challenges.

Today, PostProcess Technologies offer solutions useful to multiple sectors:

- Aerospace

- Defense

- Automotive

- Consumer goods

- Dental

- Medical

Here is what it took to make it happen.

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