Arch T. Colwell Cooperative Engineering Medal

Established in 1976, this award recognizes a unique and outstanding contribution over a period of time to the work of the technical committees under the SAE Executive Standards Committee in developing standards, specifications, technical reports, and data through cooperative research.

The medal was named in honor of Arch T. Colwell, its first recipient and 1941 SAE President. Dr. Colwell symbolized the dedication and devotion of SAE members who work to further the objectives of the SAE Executive Standards Program. The award is intended to stimulate technical committee members to greater accomplishments and the realization of satisfaction that comes from sharing their expertise.


Year Name Employer
2019 Gary Besse Bessee Expert Services LLC
2018 Robert Galyen Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd.
2017 Daniel DiMase Honeywell International Inc.
2016 Richard Wood SOLUS Solutions and Technologies LLC
2015 Rich Boyer Delphi Packard Electric Systems
2014 Paramsothy Jayakumar, Ph.D. U.S. Army TARDEC
2013 Peter Keenan Airbus U.K.
2012 David A. Lamb, Ph.D. U.S. Army TARDEC
2011 John C. Dalton Boeing Co.
2010 Jianzhong Jiao, Ph.D. Osram Opto Semiconductors Inc.
2008 Robert S. Hodder  
2007 Stanley L. Stokes Braketec
2006 Lavern D. Wedeven, Ph.D. Wedeven Associates
2005 Jeffrey Erion J A Erion LLC
2004 Walter J. Overend  
2003 Frank E. Zalar  
2002 Archie E. Dillard, Ph.D. Federal Aviation Administration
2001 Gerald H. Ritterbusch  
2000 Walker H. Flint  
1999 William M. Spreitzer General Motors LLC
1998 Ward J. Atkinson Sun Test Engineering
1997 Leonard W. Kozerski GE Aircraft Engines
1996 Roger P. Daniel Ford Motor Company
1995 Ralph K. Hillquist PE RKH Consults Inc.
1994 Martin G. Gabriel Martin G. Gabriel & Associates Inc.
1993 C. Julian May Tech/Ops International
1992 Erick Koch Grumman Corp.
1991 Thomas D. Cooper Universal Technology Corp.
1990 Peter Griskivich American Automobile Manufacturers Association
1989 Frank H. Walters General Motors LLC
1988 Nathaniel Pulling, Ph.D.  
1987 Charles C. Colyer  
1986 Richard H. Kabel  
1985 Nancy A. Bundra  
1984 George P. Townsend Jr.  
1983 Ray V. Riggs  
1982 Ralph H.K. Cramer  
1981 Lawrence Hodges Anderson Automotive Group Inc.
1980 Roy P. Trowbridge Nestegg Marine
1979 G. Edwin Burks  
1977 William Francis Sherman Sr.  


Nomination Deadline: Oct. 1

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