Delco Electronics Intelligent Transportation Systems Award

Established in 1996, this award recognizes the profound impact that Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) will have on mobility in the 21st century. This award distinguishes an individual or team whose outstanding long-term accomplishments are judged to have significantly advanced the state-of-the-art of ITS through innovative technology achievements and/or significant industry leadership.


Year  Name Employer
2016 Dr Steven Wayne Dellenback Southwest Research Institute
2014 John A Harding National Hwy Traffic Safety Admin
Michael R. Lukuc Texas A&M Transportation Institute
2012 Sue Bai Honda R & D Americas Inc
2010 Dr Farid Ahmed-Zaid Ford Motor Company
Sue Bai Honda R & D Americas Inc
Lorenzo Caminiti Toyota Motor Engineering & Mfg NA Inc.
Hariharan Krishnan PhD GM R&D Center
Michael Maile Mercedes Benz REDNA
2009 Michael Noblett IBM Corp.
2008 Ing Masao Fukushima ITS
2006 Richard Deering General Motors
Dr Michael Shulman Ford Motor Company
2005 Gerald Conover Car-Smart News
2004 David Acton General Motors
Robert D Ervin Univ of Michigan - Ann Arbor
2003 J. Martin Rowell NAVTEQ
2002 William T Birge PE  
2001 Richard J Weiland Weiland Consulting Co
2000 Allan M Kirson Fleetpath LLC
1999 Dr James H Rillings General Motors
Martin Thoone Philips
1998 T Russell Shields Ygomi LLC
1997 Dr James Costantino Intelligent Vehicle Hwy Soc of America
Lyle Saxton Transportation Consultants Inc
1996 William M Spreitzer General Motors