Gary Dickinson Award for Teaching Excellence

Established in 2001, this award recognizes an outstanding middle school teacher or a team of teachers who have made creative and exemplary use of the A World In Motion (AWIM) program to further develop students' understanding and experience in math, science and engineering.

To be eligible for this award, nominees must be middle school teachers (individuals or teams) from public, parochial, or private schools, and must have demonstrated exemplary use of the AWIM program curriculum.

This award was funded by the SAE Detroit Section to commemorate the life of industry leader, Gary Dickinson, and is intended to foster math and science education for middle school students.

Dickinson played a major role in the development of the A World In Motion program Motorized Toy Car and Glider Challenges for middle school students as the Chairman of the Vision 2000 Advisory Committee. His dedication to students was also evidenced by his leadership with the student design competitions, particularly the Methanol Marathon, the NGV Challenge, and the Solar Car competitions.

In addition, Dickinson served as the first chairman of the Emerging Technologies Advisory Board and was actively involved with the Mobility Technology Planning Forums, which brought a future technology focus to SAE. Also, his early involvement in the SAE Government/Industry Meeting was significant in linking SAE with the government. In recognition of his outstanding achievements, Dickinson was awarded the SAE Medal of Honor in 1994 and the Long-Term Leadership Award in 2000.

This award consists of a framed certificate and an honorarium presented to the teacher and middle school.





Stephanie Budzban

Country Place Leadership Academy

Pam Walch

East Hills Middle School


Tiffany Graham

Long Cane Middle School


Lee Ann Hanner

Callaway Middle School


Southest Polk 7th Grade Science Team

Southeast Polk Junior High School


Bridgette Smith

Valley View Elementary School


Karen Rascon

Kino Junior High School


Kimberly Forbes

Ferndale Middle School


Trish Merrill

Taylor Junior High School


Karen Rascon

Taylor Junior High School


Trish Merrill

Taylor Junior High School


Karen Rascon

Taylor Junior High School


Shawn Lent

Western Peaks Elementary School


Becky Lynn Rose

Western Peaks Elementary School


Yvonne Yancey-Stroud

Western Peaks Elementary School


Angela Kirschner

Western Peaks Elementary School


Nicole Trombetta

Hathaway Brown School


Mary Sanders

Derby Middle School


Patricia Ann Schneider

Derby Middle School


Rick Comeau

Lexington Public Schools


Robyn Viloria

William Diamond Middle School


Tim A. Worthy

Welborne Avenue Public School


Pamela Schmitt

St Patrick School


Edith Cranor-Buck

Western State College of Colorado

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