Henry O. Fuchs Student Award

Nominations are to be made by submitting a one-page summary explaining the students' work. Please submit your nomination to our Awards staff at awards@sae.org.

Established in 1991, this award recognizes a graduate or recently graduated student (i.e. post doctorate or new professor) that is working in the field of fatigue research and applications. The purpose of this award is to promote the education of engineering students in the area of fatigue technology.

This award honors the memory of Professor Henry O. Fuchs. Professor Fuchs participated in the SAE Fatigue Design & Evaluation Committee's research projects, was a member of the faculty who founded the SAE Fatigue Concepts in Design short course, published extensively in SAE and elsewhere in the technical community, and actively participated in the Surface Enhancement Division of the Committee which is responsible for many standards relating to surface treatments of metals for withstanding fatigue damage.

The award is made twice annually by the SAE Fatigue Design & Evaluation Committee and is granted to one graduate student. The award consists of a framed certificate, a $100 honorarium, and a transportation allowance to attend the SAE Fatigue Design & Evaluation Committee meeting where the award is presented. The student selected will be required to discuss his/her work related to the field of fatigue research and applications in the form of a one half hour presentation with time for questions and answers at the SAE Fatigue Design & Evaluation Committee meeting.



Spring 2021

Ty Porter

Fall 2020

Rakesh Ranjan

Spring 2020

Renan Luiz Ribeiro

Fall 2019

Nilesh Gaonkar

Spring 2019

Jonathan W. Pegues

Fall 2018

Rakish Shrestha

Spring 2018

Xiao Wu

Fall 2017

Shin-Jang Sung

Spring 2017

Jifa Mei

Fall 2016

Kasra Ghahremani

Spring 2016

Katherine Avery

Spring 2016/Fall 2015

Mohammad J. Mahtabi

Fall 2014

Jason Geathers

Spring 2014

Peter Huffman

Spring 2013

Jonathan R. Hembree

Fall 2013

Andrew Nissan

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