Honeywell Outstanding Collegiate Branch Award

This award recognizes SAE Collegiate Branches for exemplary performance in the areas of technical meetings, networking opportunities, SAE Collegiate Design Series teams, membership and recruitment, and community service programs, like A World In Motion®. By participating in these activities, they will increase the value of SAE student membership and add to the stature of the SAE Collegiate Branch on campus and in the community. This award was established in 1963 and is administered by the Education Board.

SAE Collegiate Branches are defined as a group of students at a given university that have a Faculty Advisor, 25 or more paid student members for at least three years in a row, and have submitted a slate of elected student officers to SAE International.

The Collegiate Branches selected as recipients will be recognized at the SAE World Congress each year where they will receive a plaque and a monetary prize.

Branches compete in one of three classes based on the number of paid student members:

  • Class 1 (75+ student members) - $1000
  • Class 2 (50 to 74 student members) - $850
  • Class 3 (25 to 49 student members) - $600

In addition, there are Awards of Excellence ($100 each) that can be awarded to SAE Collegiate Branches that excel in certain areas (such as meetings, projects, membership and recruitment) but did not qualify for the entire Outstanding Collegiate Branch Award. The number of awards in each class is left to the discretion of the judges.

Awards will be based upon the following criteria:

  • Membership, Organization, Planning and Finances - 30%
  • Meetings - 20%
  • Projects - 20%
  • Involvement - 25%
  • Innovation - 5%

Each of these areas is described in depth on the application.

NOTE: This award is not available for Collegiate Chapters at universities in countries where we have SAE Affiliate Programs (Brazil, India) are not eligible for this award.

Nomination Deadline: October 1

Download Nomination Form