Arnold W. Siegel International Transportation Safety Award

This award was established in 1987 through the generous support of Arnold W. Siegel, long-time SAE friend and supporter, SAE Fellow and Medal of Honor recipient.  


  1. This award honors individuals whose accomplishments include outstanding international research, innovation and contributions to crash injury protection, crash injury biomechanics, and crash injury design for all mobility vehicles: land, air, sea and space.
  2. Nominees should be those in leadership positions who have made a significant transportation safety impact on their organizations or on society worldwide.

Award Background:

Arnold W. Siegel's extensive accomplishments in transportation safety and pioneering research include working with the world's first experimental full-scale automotive crash program, designing and constructing early versions of anthropometric dummies, and more than 40 years of collision and injury analysis and consulting for research and forensic purposes.

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Past Recipients

Year Name Employer
2021 Richard DeWeese Retired, FAA Civil Aerospace Medical Institute
2020 John Bolte The Ohio State University
2019 Dainius Dalmotas DJ Dalmotas Consulting, Inc
2018 Dr. Matthew P. Reed University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute
2017 Tsuyoshi Yasuki Toyota Motor Corp
2016 Bruce Donnelly, Ph.D. Biomechanics Research Group
2015 Harold John Mertz Jr., Ph.D.  
2014 Yasuhiro Matsui, Ph.D. NTSEL
2013 Frank A Pintar, Ph.D. VA Medical Center
2012 Jeff Crandall University of Virginia
2011 Priya Prasad, Ph.D Prasad Engineering LLC
2010 David C. Viano, Ph.D. ProBiomechanics LLC
  Charles Y. Warner, Ph.D. Collision Safety Engineering LLC
2009 Kennerly H. Digges, Ph.D. George Washington University
2008 Dominique Cesari Ifsttar - LBMC
2007 Rolf H. Eppinger, Ph.D. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
2006 Murray Mackay, Ph.D.  
2005 Brian O'Neill Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
2004 James Jones Montana State University
  Narayan Yoganandan, Ph.D. Medical College of Wisconsin
2003 Koshiro Ono, Ph.D. Japan Automobile Research Institute
2002 Lawrence Patrick  
2001 Hugh De Haven Vibrant Corp.
  Roger W. Griswold II Flightcraft Inc.
1997 Daniel L. Camacho Duke University
  Michael Kleinberger, Ph.D. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  James H. McElhaney, Ph.D. Duke University
  Barry S. Myers, Ph.D. Duke University
  Roger Nightingale, Ph.D. Duke University
  Beth Winkelstein University of Pennsylvania
1996 Cameron Bass, Ph.D. University of Virginia
  Jeff Crandall University of Virginia
  Gregory W. Hall Revivant
  S. Hurwitz University of Virginia
  Gregory S. Klopp University of Virginia
  J.P. Lassau UFR Biomedicale des Saint Peres
  Philippe Petit Renault SAS
  Walter D. Pilkey, Ph.D.  
  Laurent Portier Renault SAS
  Xavier Trosseille Renault SAS
1995 Robert H. Hopper Jr., Ph.D. Piziali & Associates
  James H. McElhaney, Ph.D. Duke University
  Barry S Myers, Ph.D. Duke University
1994 John M. Cavanaugh Wayne State University
  Yue Huang Wayne State University
  Albert I. King, Ph.D. Wayne State University
  Yonghua Zhu Wayne State University
1993 Michael Beebe Humanetics Innovative Solutions Inc.
  Rolf H. Eppinger, Ph.D. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  Mark P Haffner National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  Warren N. Hardy Transportation Research Institute
  Albert I. King, Ph.D. Wayne State University
  Raymond F. Neathery, Ph.D. Neathery Associates
  Stephen Rouhana, Ph.D. General Motors LLC
  Michael Salloum Humanetics Innovative Solutions Inc.
  Lawrence W Schneider, Ph.D. University of Michigan - Ann Arbor