James M. Crawford Executive Standards Committee Outstanding Achievement Award

This award recognizes individuals for outstanding service in the technical committee activities of the Society. This includes valuable contributions to the work of SAE technical committees, unusual leadership in the activities of an SAE technical committee, significant contributions as a representative of the Society to the accomplishments of technical committees of other organizations or of government agencies, and outstanding contributions to SAE technical committee work in the form of research, test methods and procedures, and/or development of standards.

This award, which consists of an honorarium and a framed certificate, is administered by the SAE Executive Standards Committee (ESC).

The James M. Crawford Fund was established in 1953. This award honors James M. Crawford, who was SAE International President in 1945. Prior to 2013, the name of the award was the Technical Standards Board Outstanding Achievement Award. In 2018, the name of the award was changed to the James M. Crawford Executive Standards Committee Outstanding Achievement Award.




2019 Jim Angel Mine Safety and Health Administration
  Ron Clements Boeing Co.
  Ronald Crawford Komatsu America Corp.
  Satyajeet P. Deshpande 94 Decibel LLC
  Ronald G. Landman Retired


A. Larry Gurule



Dieter Herman Ing

Aerotech Consulting GmbH


Tim Rickmeyer

U.S. Army


David B. Walen

Federal Aviation Administration


Rick S. Wallace



Paul A. Baltusis

Ford Motor Co Ltd


Daniel Kenneth Christensen

Naval Air Systems Command


Daniel Colica

Raytheon Co.


Harald Eisele

Adam Opel GmbH


Thomas Haley



David D. Hartfelder

General Motors


Thad Henry



George I. Legarreta

Federal Aviation Administration


Thomas Lockwood

Lockwood Thermal Management


Ryan Mayes

US Army


Steve Moss

Diversified Technical Systems Inc. (DTS)


Angelo P. Patti PE

Ford Motor Company


Crystal Reed



Bhanu Pratap Sood

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center


Lary Williams

John Deere & Co


Steven Beland

Boeing Commercial Airplanes


Robert Alan Czajkowski

Federal Signal Corp.


Richard Gast

Deere & Co.


Gary Landry

Pratt & Whitney


Christopher J. Pomfret

Treble One Aerospace Consulting


Ken Sabo

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co.


Eric Swenson

Navistar Inc.


Kenneth Virgil

U.S. Army


Rhonda D. Walthall

UTC Aerospace Systems


Rich Boyer

Delphi Packard Electric Systems


James David Green



Paul Johnston



Stephen C. Merriman

Boeing - Integrated Defense


Marion Giles Pottinger PE, Ph.D.



Roger W. Reini

Ford Motor Co.


Jesse Schneider



Rick Weires

Deere & Co.


Xiaobo Yang, Ph.D.

Oshkosh Corp.


John D'Avirro

APS Aviation Inc.


Ernest DeVincent Jr.

Getrag Corp.


John Evers

Evers Consulting


Lisa M. Fodale



Annette L. Irwin, Ph.D.

General Motors


Paramsothy Jayakumar, Ph.D.



John Koutsky

Sears Mfg Co


Todd F. Mackintosh

General Motors


James C. Miller

Deere & Company


Gary Orey

Consolidated Metco Inc


Warren Prasuhn

Rockwell Collins


Mark Stepper

LHP Engineering Solutions


Stanley L. Stokes



Ian Sutherland

General Motors


Richard Wood

SOLUS Solutions and Technologies LLC


Robert Brocx

Red DOT Corp


Richard Deering

RK Deering & Assoc


Timothy Duncan

Link Engineering Company


Gregory Gillham

Detroit Diesel Corp.


John Kinsey

US Environmental Protection Agency


John M. Kremer, Ph.D.

General Motors


Drew Landman, Ph.D.

Old Dominion Univ


Timothy W. Lee

Boeing Co


Stanley Lew

Michelin North America Inc


Michael Lyons

Caterpillar Inc


Mark McGory

Jamac Inc


Fred Moon

Daimler Trucks North America LLC


Anthony Moore



Thomas J. Poorman

North American Lighting Inc


Brian Rayner



Robin D. Reed

TE Connectivity


Monique Richard

Toyota Motor Engineering & Mfg NA Inc.


John P. Sunne

Afton Chemical Corp


Chuck Trueman

PACCAR Technical Center


Lisa Uhl

Daimler Trucks North America LLC


Curtis Vincent

General Motors


Eugene E Williams


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