L. Ray Buckendale Lecture

Established in 1953, this award provides for an annual lecture that deals with automotive ground vehicles for either on- or off-road operation in either commercial or military service. The intent is to provide procedures and data useful in formulating solutions in commercial vehicle design, manufacture, operation, and maintenance.

L. Ray Buckendale, 1946 SAE President, by his character and work, endeared himself to all who were associated with him. Foremost among his many interests was the desire to develop the potential abilities in young people. To this end, the lecture is directed primarily to the needs of young engineers and students with emphasis on practical aspects of the topic.

Sponsorship of the lecture is rotated among companies within the commercial vehicle industry. Current sponsors include:

  • Cummins Inc.
  • Dana Holding Corp.
  • Eaton Corp.
  • Meritor Inc.
  • TRW Automotive

The award consists of a $1000 honorarium, a framed certificate, and a reception following the lecture, which is presented during the SAE Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress & Exhibition. (Copies of the lecture are distributed to all those attending the lecture.)

Year Name Employer
2018 Kirk T. Steudle, P.E. Michigan Department of Transportation
Niles Annelin  Michigan Department of Transportation
2017 Dr Raimund Varnhagen Continental Automotive GmbH
2016 Richard R. Mihelic  
2015 Richard Wood SOLUS Solutions and Technologies LLC
2014 Dr Mehdi Ahmadian PhD Virginia Tech
2013 Donald Stanton Cummins Inc.
2012 Daniel E Williams PhD ZF TRW Commercial Steering Systems
2011 Richard Hanowski Virginia Tech
2010 Mark Zachos DG Technologies
2009 Ali Maleki Meritor Inc..
2008 Peter L Goddard P. L. Goddard Associates Inc..
2007 Deborah M Freund U.S. Dept. of Transportation
2006 Mathew Baus Navistar Inc..
Anthony Joseph Cook PE Navistar Inc..
David Schaller Navistar Inc..
2005 Dr Stephen John Charlton Cummins Inc..
2004 William Charmley U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
2003 Mark G. Thomas Motorola Auto Communications & Elec Sys
2002 Lee R Armstrong Armstrong Consulting Inc..
2001 Vern Caron Caron Engineering Inc..
2000 Ronald P Ziebell Oshkosh Corp..
1999 Peter Kanefsky Ford Motor Company
Valerie A Nelson Ford Motor Company
Mary L Ranger Ford Motor Company
1998 Leonard C Buckman  
1997 Farhang Aslani Ford Motor Company
Ching-Hung Chuang Ford Motor Company
Shabbir Dohadwala Ford Motor Company
Jeff Huang Ford Motor Company
Patrick J Lee Ford Motor Company
David Rohweder Ford Motor Company
Bijan Shahidi Ford Motor Company
Randal H Visintainer Ford Motor Company
David E Watts Ford Motor Company
1995 Wesley M Dick Spicer Axle Division
1994 David F Merrion Detroit Diesel Corp..
1993 Prof David Cebon Univ of Cambridge
1992 William R Carey  
1991 Charles R Jones Dana
1990 Daniel J Bosch Modine Manufacturing Co
John Real Modine Manufacturing Co
1989 William A Leasure Jr Truck Manufacturers Association
Sidney F Williams Jr  
1988 Fred S Charles Continental Tire North America Inc.
  Thomas L Ford Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co
1987 Richard Drollinger Kenworth Truck Co
1986 Trevor O Jones Bio-Mec Inc.
1985 Dr Thomas Gillespie Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor
1984 James D Symons General Motors
1983 Hans Bajaria Multiface Inc.
1982 Ray W Murphy  
1981 John C Walter Cummins Inc.
1980 John R Kinstler Hayes Lemmerz Intl Inc.
1979 Martin J Hermanns  
1978 Kenneth W Cuffe Harrison Radiator
1977 Raymond E Heller  
1976 Ernest R Sternberg  
1975 Dr Phillip S Myers Univ of Wisconsin
1974 Richard L Staadt Navistar Inc.
1973 John W Durstine Ford Motor Company
1972 Peter R Kyropoulos General Motors
1971 Charles M Perkins Eaton Yale Co
1970 Gary L Smith General Motors
1969 J A Davisson Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co
1968 V G Raviolo  
1967 Paul K Beatenbough PCC Consulting Co
1966 William J Sidelko Nu-Challenge Enterprises
1965 Philip J Mazziotti PE PMX Inc.
1964 G P Mathews Rockwell Automotive
1963 G Robert Harting  
1962 Wells Coleman Gleason Works
1961 V J Jandasek  
1960 George J Huebner Jr General Dynamics Corp.
1959 Oliver K Kelley General Motors
1957 Charles M Kitson  
Robert M Riblet Timken Automotive - Bearings
1956 William Pearce Michell Dana
Carl George Arthur Rosen Caterpillar Tractor Co
1954 Kenneth W Gordon  

Nomination Deadline: July 1

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