Marvin Whitlock Award

Established in 1988, this award annually recognizes an individual or team for significant technical contributions and/or innovation related to operational availability of aircraft. Operational availability includes areas such as repair design, tooling, maintenance practices, logistics, inspection, modification and safety.

The award acknowledges and commemorates the distinctive management contributions of the late Marvin Whitlock, Senior Vice President-Maintenance and a member of the Board of Directors of United Air Lines.

Year  Name Employer
2016 Robert L Ireland Airlines for America
2012 Paul Vahey  
2011 Randy Allan Bithell Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems
2010 Joseph B Davis Saddle Butte Systems LLC
2009 Justin R Greener Boeing Co
2008 Thomas T Collipi Northrop Grumman Lake Charles Maintenanc
2007 Sham S Hariram Boeing Commercial Airplanes
2006 Sharanpal Sikand Boeing Co
2005 Robert J Manelski Boeing Co
2004 Jayant D Patel Boeing Co
2002 Andrew Shields USAirways
2001 John J Goglia National Transportation Safety Board
1998 Ray Valeika Delta Air Lines Inc
1997 Louis J Mancini United Airlines Inc
1995 L M Israelitt Northrop Grumman Corp
1994 Elliott A Green Consultants
1993 J E Haynes Vought Aircraft Industries Inc
1992 Ugo F Zullo  
1991 R D Tabery HKS & A Inc
1990 Bruce R Aubin USAirways
1989 C Julian May