Ralph H. Isbrandt Automotive Safety Engineering Award - Participate - SAE International

Ralph H. Isbrandt Automotive Safety Engineering Award

Established in 1972, this award annually recognizes the author(s) of the most outstanding SAE technical paper or journal article on the subject of automotive safety engineering.  During his 45-year automotive career, Isbrandt, SAE's 1967 President, provided a constant inspiration to young engineers seeking and following a mobility engineering career. The award is funded from an endowment comprising donations from American Motors Corp., Chrysler Corp., Ford Motor Co., General Motors Corp., the 2nd International Passive Restraint Systems Conference Banquet Committee, and Isbrandt's many friends.

The award consists of a framed certificate and bronze medal (for the lead author when co-authors exist) and is presented at the SAE Government/Industry Meeting.

Year Name Employer
2017 Allen Charles Bosio Ford Motor Company
Paul Marable Ford Motor Company
Marcus Ward Ford Motor Company
Bradley Staines Ford Motor Company
2016 Lora L. Spangler Eastman Chemical
Jeffrey Hurlbut Eastman Chemical
Daniel Cashen ENVISICS
Emily Robb KPIT Infosystems
Jim Eckhart NSG Group
2015 Thomas Wayne Gideon PE NASCAR
John Patalak NASCAR
2014 Manfred Greisel  
Dr-Ing Rainer Immel Adam Opel GmbH
Steven R Mathison Honda R & D Americas Inc
Timothy McGuire Mercedes-Benz RDNA Inc
Graham Meadows Powertech Labs
Peter Potzel Daimler AG
Spencer Quong Quong & Associates Inc
Jesse Schneider Nikola Corporation
Jihyun Shim Hyundai Motor Company
Michael J Veenstra Ford Motor Company
Morten Wistoft-Ibsen H2 Logic A/S
2013 Markus Egelhaaf DEKRA Automobil GmbH
Rainer Justen Daimler AG
David Kress DEKRA Automobil GmbH
Thomas Lange DEKRA Automobil GmbH
Dr Hartung Wilstermann Daimler AG
Dieter Wolpert DEKRA Automobil GmbH
2012 Alex V Cardinali Nissan North America Inc
Jeff Dix Nissan North America Inc
Daniel Fulk Autoliv North America Inc
Selim A Hammoud PE Nissan North America Inc
Abe Mitchell Autoliv North America Inc
2011 Shigeki Hayashi Toyota Motor Corp
Yuichi Kitagawa PhD Toyota Motor Corp
Robert D Smith Toyota Technical Center USA Inc
Tsuyoshi Yasuki Toyota Motor Corp
2009 Dr Aditya Belwadi PhD Wayne State Univ
Edward Burley BGM Engineering
Joseph F Mazur BGM Engineering
Dr King H Yang Wayne State Univ
2008 Prof Richard L. Axelbaum Washington Univ
Michael S Butler  
Christopher W Moran Univ of Maryland
Prof Peter B Sunderland Univ of Maryland
2007 Michael B James Collision Safety Engineering LC
Dr Sung-Woo Koh Biokinetic Engineering Inc
Ronald Nordhagen Collision Safety Engineering LC
Dr Dennis Schneider Biokinetic Engineering Inc
2006 Dr Tara Amenson Wayne State Univ
Paul C Begeman PhD Wayne State Univ
Dr Michele Grimm Wayne State Univ
Dr John Melvin Tandelta
2005 Dr Kennerly H Digges George Washington Univ
Dr Brian N Fildes Monash Univ
H. Clay Gabler Virginia Tech
Laurie Sparke GM Holden Ltd
2004 Michael Carlson Humanetics Innovative Solutions Inc
Sheila Ebert-Hamilton Univ of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Dr Matthew Reed Transportation Research Institute
2003 Brian Kachnowski Ford Motor Company
Tony R Laituri Ford Motor Company
Dr Priya Prasad Ford Motor Company
Phillip Przybylo PhD Ford Motor Company
M. Katherine Sullivan Ford Motor Company
2002 Atsuhiro Konosu Japan Automobile Research Institute
Dr Yasuhiro Matsui Japan Automobile Research Institute
Dr-Ing Adam Wittek Univ of Western Australia
2001 Sarath R Kottur Humanetics Innovative Solutions Inc
Steve Moss Humanetics Innovative Solutions Inc
Michael Salloum Humanetics Innovative Solutions Inc
Youmei Zhao Humanetics Innovative Solutions Inc
Joshua Zhu Itm In China
1995 Tom Best Duke University
Daniel A Camacho  
Dr Albert I King Wayne State Univ
Dr Barry S Myers Duke University
Chris A Van Ee Design Research Engineering
C Todd Woolley Duke University
1994 Richard E Burney MD Univ of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Dr Matthew Reed Transportation Research Institute
Dr Lawrence W Schneider Univ of Michigan - Ann Arbor
1993 John M Cavanaugh Wayne State Univ
Annette L. Irwin PhD General Motors
Timothy J Walilko Wayne State Univ
Yonghua Zhu Wayne State Univ
1992 Dr David C Viano General Motors
1991 John P Capp General Motors
Dr Ian V Lau GM R&D Center
James A Obermeyer General Motors
1990 Rainer Erhardt Robert Bosch GmbH
Albert Lutz Robert Bosch GmbH
Dr Anton T Van Zanten Robert Bosch GmbH
1989 Edward Jedrzejczak GM R&D Center
Joseph D McCleary General Motors
Dr Stephen Rouhana Ford Motor Company
Dr David C Viano ProBiomechanics LLC
1988 Paul Oppenheimer  
Dr David C Viano ProBiomechanics LLC
1987 Dr Paul L Olson  
1984 Michael B James Collision Safety Engineering LC
Gregory C Smith PE Collision Safety Engineering LC
Charles Edgar Strother III Collision Safety Engineering LC
Dr Charles Y Warner Collision Safety Engineering LC
1983 Dr Dimitrios Kallieris Universitat Heidelberg
Georg Klaus PhD  
Sam Saint  
1977 Roy Haeusler  
1976 R Thomas Bundorf  
R L Leffert GM Powertrain
1975 Dr John Versace   
This is a paper award - nominations are not submitted