SAE Aerospace Engineering Leadership Award

Established in 1992, this award honors an individual at the corporate official level for outstanding contributions to the field of aerospace engineering through his/her leadership skills. It recognizes an individual who has applied their leadership skills in aerospace engineering to make contributions leading to great positive impact on the aerospace community. Recognition may be for a singular accomplishment or lifetime achievement.

The award consists of an original design of aluminum and marble presented each year at a major SAE aerospace meeting.

Year Name Employer
2018 David Carter Pratt & Whitney
2014 Louis J Mancini Boeing Commercial Airplanes
2012 Dr Ramesh K Agarwal Washington Univ St Louis
2011 Victor Everardo Saucedo Lockheed Martin Advanced Development Co
2009 George Zielsdorff Lockheed Martin Corp
2008 Dr John J Tracy Boeing Co
2007 Dr-Ing Robert H Smith Honeywell Intl Inc
2006 Tom Burbage Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co
2005 Marc Parent CAE Inc
2004 Alain Garcia Airbus
2003 Edsel R Glasgow Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co
2002 Dr John P Holding Bombardier Aerospace
2001 Dain M Hancock Lockheed Martin Corp
2000 David O Swain Boeing Co
1999 Jack S Gordon Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co
1998 Duane T McRuer  
1997 Daniel S Goldin NASA
1996 Bruce R Aubin USAirways
1995 Brian H Rowe GE Aircraft Engines
1994 Elvie L Smith Pratt & Whitney Canada
1993 Irving T Waaland  
1992 Dr Hans J P Von Ohain  
Sir Frank Whittle US Naval Academy

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