SAE/AISI Sydney H. Melbourne Award for Excellence in the Advancement of Automotive Sheet Steel

Established in 1997, this award recognizes an author, who, in his/her paper, effectively demonstrates ways to further the use of sheet steel in automotive applications. The paper must be well organized, written in a succinct manner and possess excellent technical merit. It should also foster long-term benefits to sheet steel industry professionals worldwide.

The award honors the memory and accomplishments of the late Sydney H. Melbourne of Dofasco Inc., and encourages others to strive for the level of excellence he attained within his organization, the steel industry and the automotive marketplace.

The award is presented at the Awards Ceremony during the WCX World Congress Experience.

Year  Name Employer
2018 Shingo Hayashi Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
Takuya Hirade Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
Hideki Masuo Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
Atsushi Hanyu Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
Tsuyoshi Yoshida Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
Kentarou Ishiuchi Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
2017 C. Matthew Enloe General Motors
Jason Coryell General Motors 
Jeff Wang General Motors Global R&D
2016 Takashi Iwama Steel Research Laboratory
2015 Emmanuel De Moor PhD Colorado School of Mines
Mikko Joonas Kähkönen Colorado School of Mines 
Dr John G Speer Colorado School of Mines
Grant Thomas PhD AK Steel Corp
2014 Daniel James Branagan PhD NanoSteel Company
Sheng Cheng NanoSteel Company
Andrew E. Frerichs PhD NanoSteel Company
Longzhou Ma NanoSteel Company
Brian Eugene Meacham NanoSteel Company
Alla V Sergueeva NanoSteel Company
Igor Yakubtsov NanoSteel Company
2013 Satoshi Horioka  
Osamu Kawano PhD Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporatio
Yuzo Takahashi  
Kohsaku Ushioda PhD  
2012 Emmanuel De Moor PhD Colorado School of Mines
C Fojer ArcelorMittal
Dr David K Matlock Colorado School of Mines
Jan Penning Ghent University
Dr John G Speer Colorado School of Mines
2011 Timo Faath ThyssenKrupp Steel USA LLC
Paul McKune ThyssenKrupp Steel USA LLC
Markus Weber ThyssenKrupp Steel USA LLC
2010 Tadashi Naito Honda R&D Co Ltd
Yoshitaka Okitsu Honda R&D Co Ltd
Tomoaki Sugiura Honda R&D Co Ltd
Naoki Takaki Honda R&D Co Ltd
Prof Nobuhiro Tsuji PhD Kyoto Univ
2009 Alavandi Bhimaraddi Ford Motor Company
Rakshit Ramachandra Ford Motor Company
Raj Sohmshetty Ford Motor Company
Z. Cedric Xia PhD Ford Motor Company
2008 Dr-Ing Juergen Lechler Univ of Erlangen
Marion Merklein  
2007 Terry Lanker GM R&D Center
Chuan-Tao Wang General Motors
Siguang Xu General Motors
Dr Jimmy J. Zhang General Motors
Kunmin Zhao Dalian Univ of Technology
2006 D Frankenberg  
Mie Tachibana Kobe Steel Ltd
Kenichi Watanabe Kobe Steel Ltd
Marcus Wiemann Voestalpine Automotive GmbH
2005 Jeff S Grimm US Steel
Todd Link US Steel
2004 Dr John Chiang Ford Motor Company
Min Kuo Mittal Steel USA Inc
2003 Chin Chun Chen National Steel Corp
Changqing Du FCA US LLC
Kaiping Li FCA US LLC
Sheng-Dong Liu Generalety LLC
Hong Yao Mittal Steel USA-IHBP
Li Zhang Chrysler Manufacturing Div
2002 Sheng-Dong Liu National Steel Corp
Vinod Makam  
Subhas Shetty FCA US LLC
Danielle Zeng National Steel Corp
Li Zhang Chrysler Manufacturing Div
Fred Zweng Chrysler Engineering
2001 Todd Link US Steel
2000 Lumin Geng General Motors
Prof Robert H Wagoner Ohio State Univ
1999 Dr Ming F Shi US Steel
Li Zhang Chrysler Manufacturing Div
1998 Osamu Furukimi JFE Steel Corp
Takaaki Hira JFE Steel Corp
Kazuya Miura Kawasaki Steel Techno-Research Corp
S Takagi Kawasaki Steel Techno-Research Corp
Shinji Tanimura Osaka Prefecture University
1997 Robert Foley Colorado School of Mines
Brandon M. Hance PhD US Steel
Dr David K Matlock Colorado School of Mines
This is a paper award - nominations are not submitted