SAE International Medal of Honor


Created in 1986, the SAE Medal of Honor annually recognizes an individual who has demonstrated unwavering loyalty to SAE International’s mission of advancing mobility solutions for the benefit of humanity.


  • Those who have made significant and sustaining contributions throughout the course of their career to SAE which have contributed to SAE’s global success.

  • Contributed to the SAE Community at Large through involvement as a member volunteer.

  • Served as an industry partner and ambassador for SAE’s vision, mission, and values.

  • Implemented, collaborated on, or developed mobility solutions on behalf of SAE for a better tomorrow.

  • Created societal impact through their work on behalf of SAE.

  • Two letters of recommendation are required. 

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Living, voting member of SAE International, who has not previously received the Award.

  • Unique, significant contributions.

Non-Eligible Categories:

•    SAE International Board Members are ineligible during the time of elected office.
•    Contributions occurring during the time the individual was employed by SAE as a staff member or consultant.


The award includes a framed medal presented at the SAE Awards Ceremony during the WCX™ World Congress Experience or other appropriate SAE event.

Past Recipients:

2023 Robert Wagner Oak Ridge National Laboratory
2022 Alan Nye, Ph.D.  Rochester Institute of Technology
2021 Dr. Pranab Saha Kolano and Saha Engineers, Inc.
2020 Richard (Ric) Kleine, Retired Cummins Inc.
2019 Dr. Mohamed El-Sayed, P.E Eastern Michigan University
2018 Gregory Saunders US Department of Defense
2017 Jwo Pan, Professor University of Michigan
2016 Bharat Vedak John Deere
2015 Dr. Ramesh Agarwal Washington University
2014 Terence J. Rhoades Mechanical Simulation Corporation
2013 Arnold W. Siegel Accident Reconstruction Associates, Inc.
2012 Duane Tiede  ATI, Inc.
2011 David R. Lancaster General Motors
2010 Joseph M. Colucci Automotive Fuels Consulting, Inc.
2009 Daniel M. Hancock General Motors
2008 Bernard Challen Shoreham Services Engineering Consultancy
2007 Karl Goering (retired) Bosch Corporation 
2006 Robert E. Spitzer  
2005 Donald W. Ableson  
2004 Edsel R. Glasgow  
2003 Duane F. Miller  
2002 Bruce R. Aubin  
2001 Neil A. Schilke  
2000 Robert J. Eaton  
1999 Greg Henderson  
1998 John Boyd Heyler  
1997 Philip J. Mazziotti  
1996 Warren M. Wiese  
1995 Lloyd E. Reuss  
1994 Gary W. Dickinson  
1993 Dr. William G. Agnew  
1992 Charles C. Colyer  
1991 Rodger F. Ringham  
1990 William T. Birge  
1989 Dr. William Shapton  
1988 Robert G. Brown  
1987 Dr. Phillip S. Myers  

Nominations reopen  September 2024