SAE International Timken-Howard Simpson Automotive Transmission and Driveline Innovation Award


This award recognizes an individual or a team from the automotive industry for outstanding contributions to automotive transmission and driveline technology.

Funded through a gift from the Timken Company in 2007, this award honors Howard Simpson, who invented a revolutionary planetary gear set which constituted the basis for the Ford C4 and C5 transmission produced or the famous Chrysler Torqueflite transmission and several General Motors transmission models.


  • The award acknowledges new ideas, concepts, innovations, or applications that will assist in improving this technology.
  • Nominees should have demonstrated significant achievements in improving automotive transmission and driveline technology.


Members of the Selection Committee are not eligible for this award while serving on the committee. Two years must pass before former members of the Selection Committee are eligible to receive the award.


This includes an honorarium and an award that is presented at an SAE Event.

Past Recipients:

2022 Xiaosong Hu Chongqing Automotive Collaborative Innovation Center
2022 Zhai Jun Changan New Energy Vehicle Technology Co.
2022 Yang Yalian Chongqing Automotive Collaborative Innovation Center
2022 Bin Lv Chongqing Tsingshan Industry Co.
2021 Gregory Goleski Ford Motor Company
2021 Steven Frait Ford Motor Company
2021 Bradely Riedle Ford Motor Company
2021 Michael Berhan Ford Motor Company
2020 Maurice Leising Retired, FCA
2018 Dr. Hussein Dourra Magna Corporate R&D
2015 Robert Fischer AVL North America Inc
2013 Dr-Ing Juergen J Greiner ZF Getriebe GmbH
2012 Peter Tenberge Technische Universitat Chemnitz
2011 Mircea Gradu PhD FCA US LLC
2010 Pierre A Lepelletier  
2009 Karl-Heinz Bauer Honeywell Automotive Inc
2008 Berthold Martin FCA US LLC

Nominations reopen  September 2024