SAE John Johnson Awards for Outstanding Research in Diesel Engines


Established in 2008, this award recognizes outstanding accomplishments and leadership in the area of diesel engines. Two awards are given each year, one for Best Paper and the other, the Diesel Engine Research Medal, given to an individual for outstanding leadership in research and development in the field of diesel engines through a singular accomplishment or lifetime achievement.

The Best Paper award recognizes the authors of an original and outstanding technical paper presented at an SAE meeting about diesel engines in the on- or off-road industries.

The Medal recognizes an outstanding leader whose professional career has focused on advancing the field of diesel engines. 

This award is funded through generous contributions from Dr. John H. Johnson, his colleagues and former students. Dr. Johnson is a Presidential Professor Emeritus with the Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics at Michigan Technological University (MTU), and he is a fellow of SAE International and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. He is an expert in the field of diesel engines and his experience spans a wide range of analysis and experimental work related to advanced engine concepts, emissions studies, fuel systems, engine simulation and exhaust after treatment.


Paper Award:

  • Preferably published in an SAE Journal.
  • Addresses research advancements in diesel engines regarding efficiency and low emissions achieved by innovative experimental and modeling research of the engine, fuel and/or after treatment systems.
  • Oral presentation scores must be above average.
  • If the lead author of the paper is a student, the material forming the subject matter must be based on personal work or a result of their thesis research.

The Medal:

  • Recognizes technical innovations through experimental studies and modeling research of the engine, fuel and/or after-treatment systems.
  • The nominee's contribution to SAE literature, activities and programs will be considered.


Members of the Selection Committee are not eligible for this award while serving on the committee. Two years must pass before former members of the Selection Committee are eligible to receive the award.


  • Best Paper: The lead author of the best paper receives an honorarium and framed certificate; supporting authors receive framed certificates.
  • Medal: Winner receives the medal, a framed certificate, and an honorarium.

Past Recipients:

2022 Pat Szymkowicz - Medal General Motors Global Research and Development
2022 Anand Alembath - Paper  Missouri University of Science and Technology
  Brian Mooney Missouri University of Science and Technology
  Shashidhara Mannepalya Rajashekharaiah Faurecia Clean Mobility-Columbus IN, USA
  Atul Shinde Faurecia Clean Mobility-Columbus IN, USA
  Joseph Smith Missouri University of Science and Technology
2021 Dr. Athanasios Konstandopoulos - Medal Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
2021 Christopher Sharp - Paper  Southwest Research Institute
  Gary Neely Southwest Research Institute
  Sandesh Rao Southwest Research Institute
  Bryan Zavala Southwest Research Institute
2020 Donald W. Stanton  - Medal Cummins
2020 David Kovacs  - Paper  IAV GmbH
  Christoph Bertram IAV GmbH
  Marian Mennig IAV GmbH
  Reza Rezaei IAV GmbH
2019 Stefan Pischinger - Medal FEV Group GmbH
2019 Jan Eismark - Paper  Chalmers University of Technology
  Mats Andersson Chalmers University of Technology
  Magnus Christensen AB Volvo
  Ingemar Denbratt Chalmers University of Technology
  Anders Karlsson Chalmers University of Technology
2018 Aleksey Yezerets - Medal Cummins Inc.
2018 Mrunal Joshi - Paper  Purdue University-West Lafayette
  Cody Allen Purdue University-West Lafayette
  Lisa Farrell Cummins Inc.
  Dheeraj Gosala Purdue University-West Lafayette
  Edward D. Joeberlein Cummins Inc.
  James McCarthy Jr Eaton Corp
  Aswin Ramesh Purdue University- West Lafayette
  Gregory Shaver Purdue University- West Lafayette
  Sirish Srinivasan Indian Institute of Technology
  Alexander Taylor Purdue University- West Lafayette
  Matthew VanVoorhis Purdue University- West Lafayette
  Kalen Vos Purdue University- West Lafayette
2017 David E. Foster, PhD - Medal University of Wisconsin – Madison, Retired
2017 Christopher Sharp - Paper Southwest Research Institute
  Michael Carter California Air Resources Board
  Cary Henry Southwest Research Institute
  Cynthia Webb PACCAR
  Seungju Yoon California Air Resources Board
2016 Dr. Dennis Siebers - Medal Sandia National Laboratories, Retired
2016 Noud Maes MSc - Paper Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
  Nico Dam Eindhoven University Of Technology
  Gianluca D'Errico Politecnico di Milano
  Gilles Hardy FPT Industrial
  Tommaso Lucchini Politecnico di Milano
  Bart Somers Eindhoven University of Technology
2015 Dr Rolf D Reitz - Medal Univ of Wisconsin
2014 Randy Hessel - Paper Univ of Wisconsin Madison
  Dr Daniel Flowers PhD Lawrence Livermore National Lab
  Mark P. B. Musculus Sandia National Laboratories
  Jacqueline O'Connor PhD Pennsylvania State University
  Dr Rolf D Reitz Univ of Wisconsin
2013 Arvind Suresh - Paper Cummins Inc.
  Clay Arnett Cummins Inc.
  David Langenderfer Cummins Inc.
  Michael Ruth Cummins Inc.
2012 Friedemann Schrade - Paper IAV GmbH
  Miles Brammer IAV GmbH
  Dr Lutz Kraemer PhD IAV GmbH
  Dr-Ing Kay Langeheinecke PE IAV GmbH
  Jochen Schaeffner IAV GmbH
2011 Lyle M Pickett - Paper Sandia National Laboratories
  Caroline Genzale Georgia Institute of Technology
  Cherian Idicheria General Motors Global R & D
  Julien Manin PhD Sandia National Laboratories
  Mark P.B. Musculus Sandia National Laboratories
  Dr Dennis L Siebers Sandia National Laboratories
2010 Takaaki Kitamura - Paper Japan Automobile Research Institute
  Takayuki lto PhD Japan Automobile Research Institute
2009 Charles Mueller - Paper Sandia National Laboratories
  Dr Andre Boehman Pennsylvania State Univ
  Glen C Martin Caterpillar Inc.
2008 Alexander Sappok - Paper Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2008 Victor W Wong Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Nominations reopen  September 2024