SAE Outstanding Faculty Advisors Program for Student Branch and Collegiate Design Series Team Advisors

This program was setup to support the continued development of outstanding faculty advisors. Specifically, SAE wants to continue to encourage and help these advisors to maintain currency in automotive engineering and education, by providing stipends to allow the most effective advisors to attend SAE Conferences and SAE Professional Development courses.

The future of SAE International, and the industry sectors we serve, is heavily dependent on our ability to develop the next generation of engineers and leaders.

Faculty Advisors and Collegiate Design Series (CDS) Team Advisors who are actively engaged with their students are critical to our continued success. Dedicated Faculty Advisors encourage students to join SAE International and participate in Collegiate Chapters and the Collegiate Design Series, which helps them develop key skills that are transferrable to their career.

But the most effective Faculty Advisors help their students understand the lifetime value of belonging to SAE International. They educate young engineers about the benefits available to members, encourage them to transfer to professional membership when they graduate, explore the wealth of opportunities for life-long learning available through SAE (including conferences, technical standards and papers, professional development), and most importantly, encourage them to be involved in the many volunteer opportunities and build their professional network throughout their career.

The SAE Faculty Advisor Program was established in 1990 and funded by the Ralph R. Teetor Educational Award Fund to support Faculty Advisors who embody this professionalism and dedication to SAE.

Advisors must meet the following criteria.

  • Be a paid SAE member in good standing.
  • Be an SAE Faculty Advisor or CDS Team Advisor for a minimum of 3 years.
  • Their university must have an average of 25 paid student members for the last 3 years at the level of Collegiate Branch.
  • Has not been a recipient of this stipend in the previous 3 years

To Nominate Your Advisor

  • Review the eligibility requirements.
  • Describe how your Faculty Advisor or CDS Team Advisor has helped you to promote A) SAE membership, B) lead your Collegiate Chapter, C) work on team projects, and D) understand the value of SAE to your chosen industry and your career. The text boxes will expand as needed.
  • Return your completed form to by November 1.

Not Accepting Nominations