SAE Sid Olsen Engineering Executive of the Year Award

Established, in 1995, this award recognizes an outstanding engineering executive in the off-highway industry. Candidates are nominated by their employees, colleagues, supervisors or the local SAE Section, with the nomination supported by another individual from the same group. The nomination and the supporting document should clearly state information to judge the individual's capabilities against the qualifications listed below.

The nominee will be judged primarily on the basis of the following qualifications:

  • Field proven products and/or services
  • Successful protégés
  • Outstanding teams developed
  • Unquestioned integrity
  • Charismatic leadership
  • Creation of a supportive environment allowing a customer/product focus.

This award honors Sid A. Olsen, his contributions to the off-highway industry, and the outstanding engineering management values he personified. Olsen, an SAE Fellow, was Manager of Engine Engineering at John Deere Product Engineering Center. He was a charismatic leader who was successful in attracting top engineering talent and in developing their capabilities further. His protégés have been very successful throughout the off-highway industry. Olsen was an industry leader who actively supported and participated in leading industry activities.

The award consists of a plaque bearing Mr. Olsen's profile and a $1000 scholarship donation to the university of the recipient's choice. It is presented at the SAE Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress & Exhibition.

Nomination Deadline: March 1

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