Thomas H. Speller Award

Established in 1983, this award recognizes unusual achievements of an individual who, through dedicated service, tireless efforts, high ideals, and vision, contributed significantly to the implementation of manufacturing processes and methodologies in the dedicated discipline of automated fastening machines and their applications.

The award consists of a framed certificate and is presented each year at either the Aerospace Manufacturing and Automated Fastening Conference and Exhibition or the AeroTech Congress.

Year Name Employer
2015 Anthony S Goddard GEMCOR
2014 Clayton L Munk Boeing Co
2013 Daniel Grenier Bombardier Aerospace
2012 Don Youngblood Arconic Fastening Systems & Rings
2011 John P Brennan  
2010 Edmund L Bella Manca Inc
2009 Kim Nixon Precorp Utah
2008 Bill Mangus GEMCOR
2007 Gordon L. Allen Boeing Co
2006 Ken Benczkowski Broetje-Automation Gmbh
2005 John Hartmann Electroimpact Inc
2004 Christian Schaefer Boeing Co
2003 Robert N Burns APS Associates
2002 Gerhard Holtmeier Broetje-Automation Gmbh
2001 Michael Jones  
2000 William A Leblanc Lockheed Martin Space Systems Co
1999 Dr Peter B Zieve Electroimpact Inc
1998 Michael Frank Latimer  
1997 Alvin N Brantley Hi-Shear Corp
1996 Mike Blanc  
1995 Thomas E Endres Univ of Dayton
1994 James E Clifton Aerospace Precision Systems Inc
1993 Archie D Crowe Lockheed Martin Corp
1992 Charles H Saurer Fairchild Industries Inc
1991 Don Stuhlmiller  
1990 Pete Clayton  
1989 Bob Starnes  
1988 Joe Gebbia  
1987 Toni Falcioni  
1986 Carl R Hartup Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co
1985 Ray Billington GEMCOR