Vincent Bendix Automotive Electronics Engineering Award

Established in 1976, this award annually recognizes the author(s) of the best paper(s) relating to automotive electronics engineering presented at a meeting of the Society or any of its sections, or it may recognize an individual for distinguished accomplishment in automotive electronics engineering. Material or development forming the subject matter of the paper must be based on personal work.

In the event of recognition of individual achievement, the individual may be requested to present a Vincent Bendix Memorial Lecture at a designated meeting of the Society.

The award consists of a framed certificate and a medal and is presented at the Awards Ceremony during the WCX World Congress Experience.

Year Name Employer
2015 Jonas Biteus Scania CV AB
Prof Mattias Nyberg DEng
Hakan Warnquist
2013 Dr Mohamed Ayeb Universitaet Kassel
Dr Ludwig Brabetz
Patrick Graebel
Ing Giscard Jilwan
Tobias Kerner MSc
2012 Kirk Arthurs Ford Motor Company
David Bauch Ford Body Engrg
Dilip M Bhalsod LSTC
Todd Clark Ford Motor Company
Mahmoud Yousef Ghannam Ford Motor Company
Ben McClain Ford Motor Company
Jeffrey Rupp Ford Motor Company
Tau Tyan PhD Ford Motor Company
Jason Wang, Ph.D. Livermore Software Technology Inc
2011 Hariharan Krishnan PhD GM R&D Center
Andre Weimerskirch Escrypt Inc.
2010 Prof Naehyuck Chang Seoul National Univ
Taeyoung Chung Hyundai Mobis
Hyundong Heo  
Kyungil Seo MOBIS
Prof Kyongsu Yi Seoul National Univ
2009 Marcello Canova PhD Center For Automotive Research
Ming Feng Hsieh Cummins Inc.
Prof Junmin Wang Ohio State Univ
2008 Rainer Busch PhD Ford Forschungszentrum Aachen GmbH
Urs Christen Ford Forschungszentrum Aachen GmbH
Armin Müller-Lerwe PhD Ford Forschungszentrum Aachen GmbH
Dr-Ing Thomas Rambow Ford Research Centre Aachen
2007 Matt A Boytim Delphi Corp
Jeffrey J Marrah Delphi Energy & Chassis
Raed S Shatara PhD Delphi Corp
2006 Suresh Gopalakrishnan General Motors
Iqbal Husain Univ of Akron
Ahmed Khalil Caterpillar Inc
Harald Klode  
Bruno Lequesne Delphi Research Labs
Avoki Omekanda Delphi Research Labs
Samuel Underwood US Hybrid Corporation
2005 Ing Dennis McDonald John Deere & Co
2004 Christie-Joy Brodrick Hartman James Madison University
Harry A Dwyer PhD Univ of California-Davis
Matthew Forrest Mercedes-Benz Of North America
David Grupp Univ of California-Davis
Ing Pippin GL Mader Univ of California-Davis
Marshall Miller Univ of California-Davis
2003 Dr William J Biter PhD Sensortex Inc
Dr Stephen M Hess
Dr Sung Jun Oh
2002 Cyrus Ashtiani FCA US LLC
Fang Fang Dana North American Operations
Ahmad A Pesaran National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Dr Thomas A Stuart Univ of Toledo
Xiaopeng Wang Yazaki North America Inc
2001 Akira Hino JATCO Ltd
Junsuke Ino Nissan Motor Co Ltd
Takeshi Ishizu Nissan Motor Co Ltd
Hideki Sudou Nissan Motor Co Ltd
1995 Dr Nicholas P Fekete FCA US LLC
Igor Gruden Daimler AG
U Nester Mercedes-Benz AG
Prof J David Powell Stanford Univ
1993 Prof Hans P. Geering PhD Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Dr Christopher H Onder
1992 Dr Masato Abe Kanazawa Institute of Technology
Hitoshi Tsunashima Kobe Steel Ltd
1991 Wei Cai Remy International Inc
Dr Nick Collings Univ of Cambridge
1990 Ron Patrick ECM Engine Control & Monitoring
Prof J David Powell Stanford Univ
1989 Lillian Yung-Yu Tse Chen Purdue University
Dr Stephen J Citron
John Edward O'Higgins
1988 Philip E Nimmo III General Motors
1987 Thomas L Credelle  
1986 Dr Yuen-Kwok Chin General Motors
Francis Coats
1985 James H Derr Ford Motor Company
1984 A I Cohen  
Kent W Randall  
Dr Jean A Tennant TK Holdings Inc-Takata
Carol D Tether  
K L Van Voorheis  
1983 Melvin J Johnson  
1982 Michael Levin Ford Motor Company
Lowell Allan Reams  
Wallace R Wade Ford Motor Company
T A Wiemero Ford Motor Company
1981 Tom Spoto Ford Product Development
  Marcello Veneziano  
1980 Dr William J Fleming TRW Vehicle Safety Systems Inc
1979 A H Seilly  
1978 Dr David S Howarth  
Dr Ralph V. Wilhelm Jr Wilhelm Associates LLC
1977 Dr John F Cassidy Jr United Technologies Corp
1976 Stephen C Hadden Hadlor Group
L R Hulls  
E M Sutphin RCA Corp
1975 R L Colling  
T O Jones  
T R Schlax   

This is a paper award - nominations are not submitted.