William Littlewood Memorial Lecture

Established in 1971, this award provides for an annual lecture dealing with a broad phase of civil air transportation considered of current interest and major importance. The objective is to advance air transport engineering and to recognize those who make personal contributions to the field.

The award perpetuates the memory of William Littlewood, the only person ever to be president of both SAE (1954) and the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He was renowned for his contributions to the design of, and operational requirements for, civil transport aircraft.

Year  Name Employer
2018 George N. Bullen Northrop Grumman Corp.
2017 Raj Nanjia Aeronautical Engineering Consultant
2016 Gareth Williams Airbus
2015 Charla Wise Lockheed Martin
2014 Axel Krein Airbus UK
2013 Kenneth J Hylander Delta Air Lines Inc
2012 Dr John-Paul B Clarke Georgia Institute of Technology
2011 Prof Mark Drela Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2010 Dr-Ing Albert Moussa Blazetech Corp
2009 Dr Ramesh K Agarwal Washington Univ St Louis
2008 Earll M Murman  
2007 Preston Henne Gulfstream Aerospace Corp
2006 Dr Klaus Nittinger Lufthansa German Airlines
2005 Robert E Doll Volant
2004 Dr John H McMasters Boeing Co
2003 Bruce R Aubin  
2001 Louis J Mancini United Airlines Inc
1999 John Cashman  
1998 Ronald A Ostrowski Boeing Co
1997 Dr Richard W Taylor Boeing Commercial Airplanes
1996 Dale S Warren  
1995 Robert A Davis Boeing Co
1994 Dixon Speas  
1993 James E Worsham GPA Pacific Aviation Group
1992 C Julian May Tech/Ops International
1991 Bernard L Koff  
1990 David Knowlen Boeing Commercial Airplanes
Joseph F Sutter Boeing Commercial Airplanes
1989 Ernst Simon  
1988 Donald Hetterman  
1987 Scott Flower  
1986 John McDonald Boeing Co
1985 Paul Johnstone Lockheed Martin Global Inc
1984 Robert W Rummel Robert W Rummel Associates Inc
1983 John Brizendine  
1982 Paul Besson  
1980 Norman R Parmet  
1979 Dr Willis M Hawkins Lockheed Martin Corp
1977 Raymond Kelly Federal Aviation Administration
Franklin W Kolk  
1975 Gerhard Neumann  
1974 Edward W Wells Lockheed Martin Corp
1973 Richard Jackson  
1972 John G Borger  
1971 Sir Peter G Masefield