SAE Career Counselor Series

Watch these concise, effective training videos focused on your career needs.

Career Advancement

Learn how SAE can help you advance your career through networking opportunities, resume enhancers, soft skill development, and more.


Discover the importance of collaboration in order to be successful in and outside of the workplace with this SAE Career Counselor episode.

Relationship Building

Having strong relationships is one of the best ways to be effective and efficient in the workplace. Learn why in this episode of the Career Counselor.

Career Counselor Bonus Episode - with Chris Ciuca

Chris Ciuca, Vice-President of Programs at SAE International, sits down to discuss the importance of collaboration in a competitive environment.

Conflict Management

Learn why conflict occurs and how to manage.

Effective Communication

Master effective and efficient communication.

The Power of Mentoring

Learn why mentoring matters and how you can get involved.

Public Speaking: Part 1

Overcome your fear of public speaking with these tips.

Public Speaking: Part 2

Learn the best ways to develop and deliver a professional presentation.

Generations in the Workplace

Understand what motivates the various generations.

Time Management

Discover how the most successful people manage their time.

Goal Setting

Learn how to accurately define your goals to achieve success.

Stress Management

Learn how to handle stress personally and professionally.


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  • Build your professional network, and seek and share advice among industry experts
  • Discover the latest volunteer opportunities, or create a volunteer profile and get matched to the perfect fit


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