Industrial Lecture Program

The SAE Industrial Lecture Program was built to foster networking and in-depth learning opportunities on college campuses between practicing engineers and SAE faculty and students.

This primary goal is accomplished through the SAE Ralph R. Teetor Educational Fund which sponsors engineers to travel to universities with SAE Chapters across North America.

Over the years, we’ve gathered a leading-edge faculty filled with top-performing engineers in industry, government, and academia.

Benjamin Schwartz

New Industrial Lecturer

Owner, Lead Human Systems Integrator
System Solutions Research LLC

“Why Care About Human Factors: A Case Study Approach”

This presentation takes a case study approach to engage a general technical audience. It analyzes three to six cases of failure with human factors design as a primary contributing factor with discussion of lessons for engineers that are applicable to any type of system and industry. The goal is to develop an appreciation for the importance of human factors engineering in the design of modern, complex systems.

Jay Zhou

New Industrial Lecturer

CTO, JHZ Strategic QA

“Reliability of Autonomous Vehicles”

This lecture provides an introduction to Reliability for Autonomous Vehicle Design and Analysis. It proposes a failure mode avoidance framework for autonomous vehicle reliability development. The lecture will discuss the following topics: • Transport Comparison • Motor Vehicle Fatality by Year • Road Fatality in the World • Drunk Driving Fatality • Auto Recalls • 2021 Autonomous Disengagement • Failure Mode Avoidance • Reliability Models (Redundant Systems) • Robust Design and Robust Engineering • System Engineering

Rebecca Vollmann

New Industrial Lecturer

Sales Engineer ABB/B&R, Orlando, FL/Atlanta, GA

"Effective Planning: Transition from IC to EV"

This lecture is intended for Formula SAE students who wish to develop a successful plan for transitioning from internal combustion to electric vehicle. This includes a discussion of reorganized team dynamics, project management, and design and material planning. Each presentation is tailored to individual teams and their current operating standards. Rebecca will provide questions for team leaders to organize and discuss EV evolution for their car's systems and learn how to seamlessly transition from IC to EV from a competitive standpoint.

"The Value of Diversity on Your Team"

This lecture is intended for all SAE students who wish to create an inclusive team culture on their teams. This discussion involves an in-depth look at internal bias, external factors that inhibit diversity, what actions can be taken to actively prevent marginalization, and how a diverse team breeds more effective and professional members.

Darrell Hancock, Jr.

New Industrial Lecturer

Senior Technical Specialist, Vehicle Dynamics, Stellantis NV

"Suspension Development and Tuning”

While the design and manufacture of a Formula SAE vehicle is important, the development of the vehicle, its systems, and sub-components is critical to achieve success in the competition event. Development is part science, part engineering, and part art, and lots of hard work. The science part of development is mostly based on simple physics. The engineering aspect is the application of that science, as well as making use of existing knowledge; experience from previous years, rules of thumb, guidelines, standards, all of which are important in developing a vehicle. This presentation will guide you through planning, preparation, and execution of a development plan for the steering and handling characteristics of your Formula SAE vehicle. The focus of the presentation is on developing a reliable vehicle and improving its vehicle dynamics performance. Conducting handling testing and tuning to improve performance are covered with emphasis on making the most of your test sessions.

Pranab Saha

New Industrial Lecturer

Principal Consultant, Kolano and Saha Engineers, Inc.

“Acoustical Materials to Reduce Vehicle Noise - From the Past to the Future”

The presentation covers some aspects of sound package materials work that have been done in the ground vehicle industry over the last 50 years or so. This includes the automotive industry, heavy trucks, off highway vehicles, and many more. The presentation also discusses sound package materials for EVs including similarities and differences with ICE vehicle and ends with a look at the future from the presenter's perspective.

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Book An SAE Lecture For Your School

Rachel Wetzel

Lecturers are available on a first-come, first-served basis and at the lecturer's availability. Complete the application to request an SAE Lecturer to visit and speak at your school.

SAE Collegiate Chapters and CDS teams are not the same – they are separate entities with different benefits.

Please contact Rachel Wetzel to confirm that your SAE Collegiate Chapter is active and in good standing or to discuss your school’s unique needs.

Instructions for hosting a lecture

This program provides a unique opportunity for SAE Faculty Advisors and Students to invite an industry lecturer to interact with students and faculty on campus. Please note that this benefit is for SAE Chapters only (chapters and CDS teams are different entities). Don’t have a chapter? Not sure if you have one? Contact Rachel Wetzel for more information.

SAE Faculty Advisors and Student Chapter Officers:

Apply Here today to request a speaker.


Planning for your lecture:

  1. The lecture must be held on campus and hosted by an SAE Chapter.
  2. Please provide and arrange the following for your lecturer: directions to campus and parking information; lecture location (such as a classroom or auditorium); necessary A/V equipment; promotion of lecture to students and faculty; agenda for the day’s additional activities, if time allows.
  1. The lecturer or requesting student/faculty advisor should notify SAE of confirmed lecture dates in advance of the visit.
  2. Reconfirm the date of the visit with lecturer a few days prior.
  3. You are welcome to ask the lecturer to tour the campus labs and facilities, including showing your SAE competition vehicles or other projects. Confirm additional activities with the lecturer prior to the visit.
  4. Invite student members, local SAE Section, and faculty to attend the lecture.

During lecture:

  1. Be sure to come prepared with questions.
  2. Take photos, if convenient.

After lecture:

  1. Thank the lecturer for his or her time.
  2. Send any photos to Rachel Wetzel.
  3. Visit Member Connection to provide feedback (consider the value of the Industrial Lecture Program, your SAE Student Member Benefits overall, and any value and anecdotes from your specific lecture).

Additional Information:

SAE, through the Teetor Awards Fund, covers the lecturer's travel expenses. The lecturer's employer covers the lecturer's time away from the office, and sometimes will also sponsor the lecturer’s travel expenses. The lecturer is responsible for making his or her own travel arrangements; a lecturer may ask for assistance in locating a hotel near campus and determining the best mode of transportation to and from the airport and to campus. As a host, you are not required to make reservations for the lecturer. Any assistance, such as providing transportation for the lecturer to the hotel or providing a parking spot on campus, would be appreciated but not mandatory. Hosting meals before or after a lecture or having snacks available during the lecture is at your discretion. SAE covers expenses of the lecturer's travel but does not cover these additional optional food and beverage items.

Please direct questions regarding this program to:
Rachel Wetzel
Member Relations Associate

SAE Industrial Lecturers

Emily Anthony

Engineer II
FAAC Incorporated, Michigan

Siddarth Attravanam

Design Criteria Engineer

Dean Case

Motivo Engineering / Grassroots Motorsports, Redondo Beach, CA

Steven M. Fox

President / Director of Engineering
PowerTrain Technology, Inc, Algonquin, IL

Adit Joshi

Research Engineer, Autonomous Vehicles & Controls
Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, MI

Dr. Edward M. Kasprzak

EMK Vehicle Dynamics, LLC, Buffalo, New York

Amanda Nummy

Senior Polymer Engineer
Hyundai-Kia America Technical Center, Inc, Ann Arbor, MI

Mike O’Neil

Technical Director
Essex Parts Services Inc, Cramerton, NC

Gregory E. Peterson

Chief Technology Officer
Moon Wind Enterprises LLC, Sylvan Lake, Michigan

Larry Rinek

Principal Consultant
Rinek Consulting Services, Santa Clara, California

Michael Royce

Albion Associates LLC, Clarkston, MI

NEW: Benjamin Schwartz

Owner, Lead Human Systems Integrator
System Solutions Research LLC

James Shaw

Managing Director
Fastway Engineering, Chicago, IL

Don Smolenski

Strategic Management of Oil LLC
Southeast Michigan

Bob Stearns

Powerful Potential, Wexford, PA

Dr. Herman Tang

Associate Professor
Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI

NEW: Rebecca Vollmann

Sales Engineer ABB/B&R, Orlando, FL/Atlanta, GA

Dr. Mohamed Zaher

Technical Manager
American Axle & Manufacturing, Detroit, MI

NEW: Dr. Jay Zhou

JHZ Strategic QA, Ann Arbor, MI

NEW: Pranab Saha

Principal Consultant, Kolano and Saha Engineers, Inc.

NEW: Darrell Hancock Jr.

Senior Technical Specialist, Vehicle Dynamics, Stellantis NV