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When you join us, you're supported by the SAE Membership Team

Pat Ponticel

Editor, SAE Member Magazines
Update e-newsletter and MOMENTUM magazine

Nicole Iorfido

Volunteer Engagement Manager
Volunteering efforts and SAE Fellows

Ashley Ward

Volunteer Engagement Associate
Supports volunteer activities and
other engagement programs


Donna Edenhart

Director of Membership & Volunteer Engagement
Oversees all membership and volunteer programs/activities

Abby Hartman

Local Activities Specialist,
SAE’s Sections and Collegiate Chapters


Amanda Hildabrand

Membership Manager
Oversees membership programs and activities,
including Partner Programs and the Mentor Program

Corey Dillon

Member Relations Specialist
Supports membership programs and
manages SAE’s Industrial Lecture Series

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Phone: +1 724-776-4970 (Outside U.S. & Canada)
Fax: +1 724-776-0790