Fellows FAQs


When is the deadline for submission?

All nominations, including reference letters, must be submitted by midnight on July 1.


Will late nomination packets be accepted?

The July 1 deadline is not flexible. All forms (nomination, reference, and any supporting documentation) must be received no later than July 1. 


What are the qualifications for being nominated an SAE Fellow?

The nominee must meet the following three basic qualifications:

  1. have made a significant impact on the mobility industry through leadership, research, publishing, innovation, and volunteering.

  2. hold a current “member grade” membership with SAE.

  3. have been an SAE member for at least 10 years OR volunteered with SAE for 10 years AND also have 2 years of SAE Membership.


  • SAE Society affiliation membership/volunteer activity does apply (IE Members of SAE India/Brazil and SAE Affiliates are welcome to apply but membership/volunteer contributions must be verified).

  • Volunteer activity is based on years of contribution and must be verifiable.


How do I access the Fellow Nomination Packet?

To access the Fellows Nomination form, visit  Fellows - Membership - Participate - SAE International - SAE Membership. If you need assistance, contact fellows@sae.org.


How do I begin the Fellows Nomination Process?

The Fellows Nomination process is started with a nominator. He/she will need to visit Fellows - Membership - Participate - SAE International - SAE Membership

What is the difference between a technical nomination and a leadership nomination?

Definitions of the Two SAE Fellow Categories are as follows:

Leadership Excellence: Significant and sustained contributions to the profession, including leadership in professional society activities, receiving peer distinctions, including but not limited to relevant honors and awards or other recognition regarding specific contributions to their profession. A champion of change committed to development and improvement. Active in many leadership aspects of SAE International and other areas of leadership that impact the profession.

Technical Excellence: Recognized by peers as having extraordinary technical knowledge and a subject matter expert in their profession. Active in committees and as having utilized this knowledge to further the activity of the committee in developing a new standard, recommended practices, etc. or in making a major revision to an existing one, in initiating an important procedural change in applying new or existing standards/recommended practice; or is recognized by peers as a forward-thinking individual who has identified and promoted the development of standards for emerging technologies.


Who can and when can I check the status of a nomination?

The nomination review process takes place between July 1st and October of the same year.  Board approval of the Fellows candidates is typically given late fall and nominators are notified via email of the status of the nominations by late October/early November.  You can check the status of the application process by emailing Fellows@sae.org.


Can I nominate myself for SAE Fellowship or do I need someone else to nominate me?

Self-nomination is NOT permitted.


As a nominator, what are my responsibilities, and are there samples of how to start a nomination?

As a nominator it is essential that you read the nomination package requirements carefully so that the nomination is not put at risk and submit the nomination form on time.  You will act as the main point of contact during the nomination cycle.

Sample nomination packets and reference letters are available here.


Can I view examples of the nomination forms?

Yes, you can view any of the forms and use them as reference guides/examples to draft your nomination.

View the nomination and reference letters examples here.


How/when can I change the Nomination Form?

Modifications will be permitted up to the deadline of July 1. This will include updating core text and email addresses of supporters of the nomination. Adding and deleting a reference or removing a nomination, will also be permitted.


Are there page/character limits for the nominations?

The page and character limits are noted clearly on the nomination form.  Please be sure to follow the instructions.


Can I serve as a reference if I'm nominating an individual but don't yet have enough references?

No, the nominator may not serve as a reference.


Where can I find my references' member numbers or additional references to support my nominee?

Please use the SAE Fellows Directory and Connextion+ to contact SAE Fellows.  The SAE Fellows Directory will list everyone who has been elected to SAE Fellow Grade and the Connextion+ platform will allow you to reach out to those individuals who are still active SAE Fellows (meaning their membership with SAE is still active).  You can then contact those persons you wish to use as reference supporters of your nominee directly from Connextion+ or your personal email (or whatever form of communication method you chose). 


Can I have more then one letter of reference from the same Company?

The review team would like to see a diversification in the letters submitted, showing impact across industry. Ideally, there would be only one letter of reference from any company.


Do you have an example of a letter of reference?

Yes, examples of both nominations and reference letters can be found here.


How do I submit the nomination form when complete?

All nomination forms should be emailed to Fellows@sae.org.  The nomination should be a single PDF that includes the following:

  • the nomination forms

  • technical impact information

  • SAE activity information

  • 4 Letters of reference from SAE Members or Fellows

  • 1 Supervisor reference letter


How many new SAE Fellows are elected each year?

The Fellows committee typically elects anywhere from 15-25 fellows each year; however, there is no minimum or maximum requirement for numbers of Fellows that must be elected in a given year.


Who reviews the nominations and selects the class of SAE Fellows?

The review committee is comprised of a group of SAE Members and SAE Fellows from all Sectors of the mobility industry.  These individuals carefully read and review each nomination and select candidates based solely on the information provided in the nomination packet for promotion to SAE Fellow grade.


When are the newly elected SAE Fellows announced?

Newly elevated SAE Fellows are announced shortly before or after the SAE Fellows dinner in SAE Update and directly after via a social media post and/or a press release.  Individuals elected to SAE Fellow grade are welcome to also make announcements via their own platforms.


How is the nominator notified? Is the nominee notified as well?

SAE Fellows Staff notifies successful nominees and their nominators via e-mail.
Nominators of unsuccessful nominees will be notified via email.
SAE Fellows Staff will use the preferred email address listed on the Fellow Nomination Form for the nominator and the nominee. We encourage the nominator to follow up with the nominee in both instances.


How are the references notified?

It is the nominators responsibility to notify the references the nomination has been submitted and that the committee could be reaching out to them for more information.  The committee/SAE staff does not notify the references of the status of the nominations.


When in the SAE Fellows Dinner and who can attend?

The SAE Fellows dinner is an invitation only event for SAE Fellows and their guests.  Each SAE Fellow is invited to attend with one guest.  No tickets are sold for this exclusive event. Only CURRENT SAE Fellows (those with active SAE Memberships) will be permitted to attend.


Do you have a list of SAE Fellows available on your website?

Yes, all individuals who have been elected to SAE Fellow grade are included in the online Fellows directory.  The directory is located at the bottom of Fellows - Membership - Participate - SAE International - SAE Membership


 I'm an SAE Fellow, why doesn't my name appear in the Fellow Directory?

All SAE Fellows should appear in the SAE Fellows directory; however, if you can not find your information, please contact Fellows@sae.org and we will research the issue for you.


Is SAE Fellowship a grade of membership? and do I need to keep my membership active to remain an SAE Fellow?

SAE Fellowship is the highest grade of SAE Membership.  In order to be considered an active SAE Fellow, you must keep your SAE membership active.  If your membership lapses, you will not lose your standing as an SAE Fellow; however, you will not be considered an active SAE Fellow until your membership is in good standing.


How can an SAE Fellow order a replacement Fellow Pin?

SAE Fellows may email the fellows@sae.org to request a new pin.