All About SAE Sections

Make Connections through SAE International at the Section Level
Meet your engineering and technology peers by attending a local section meeting of SAE International. Once a month, somewhere near your home or office, engineers and scientists gather to discuss the latest developments the world of engineering and technology.

What Is an SAE International Section?
An SAE International Section is a local unit comprised of 100 or more SAE International members in a defined technical or geographic area. The purpose of local sections is to meet the technical, developmental, and personal needs of the SAE members in that given area.

Where Are They Located?
There are over 42 established sections and groups in the United States and Canada; other established international sections/groups/joint groups; as well as several SAE International affiliate organizations.

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What Do Local Sections Do?
Local sections:

  • hold monthly technical meetings on the latest engineering and technical topics related to industry
  • sponsor seminars and workshops to help members sharpen their technical skills
  • take tours of local plants to see the latest innovations
  • participate in special educational activities including SAE Internationals STEM Education Programs: AWIM (A World in Motion), F1 in Schools, and Collegiate Design Series.

How Can I Participate?
Many members may simply attend their local section meetings and take advantage of the first-class programs and networking that is offered. However, many local sections need help in planning and organizing. If you'd like to serve in a leadership role in your section, there are many ways to do so. Below is a representative list of some of the areas in which you can help:

  • Section Officer
  • Newsletter editing
  • Member recruitment
  • Speaker arrangements
  • Section publicity
  • Student activities
  • Meeting planning
  • Young Professional Networking
  • Serving as a speaker
  • Company Ambassador (being a contact for SAE International information at your worksite)

How Will I Benefit?
Becoming involved in your local SAE International Section will help you both personally and professionally. Attending monthly meetings will keep you up on the latest technical information. And, you'll meet other engineers from your area who are working in the mobility technology field-- perhaps suppliers, customers, or even future employers. By serving on your section's governing board or on one of its committees, you'll develop and sharpen leadership and time management skills. And, you'll meet people who can understand your day-to-day challenges and offer advice.