Section Officers Leadership Seminar

This yearly training brings Section officers together to discuss ideas and strategies for leading a SAE Section and make valuable connections with peers from other SAE Sections.

Goals & Objectives of SOLS

  • Acknowledge the dedication of our volunteer Section leaders.
  • Enable peer-to-peer sharing and improve the communication between leaders in different Sections.
  • Develop or enhance career skills (e.g., leadership, project management, problem solving, communication, etc.).
  • Provide strategies for Section management topics
  • Educate Section leaders about SAE International.
  • Learn about any new tools and resources SAE Sections are using.
  • Get feedback about what Section leaders need from SAE Staff.


Benefits to Attendees
The primary benefits of attending SOLS are opportunities to:

  • Connect with colleagues from other Sections.
  • Share ideas and experiences.
  • Expand their professional contacts.
  • Enhance valuable career skills.
  • Learn more about SAE.

2018 SOLS Training