Sections Speakers Series

John Laurence Busch
Independent Historian
Phone: 203-972-2745
Topic: Engineers Presentation: Building the First "Steamship" in History Special

Requirements: Speaker will arrange to have a local bookstore at the presentation, with copies of his book (STEAM COFFIN) available for purchase.

William Chamberlin
Phone: 440/256-1598

  • Fueling Our Future Transportation Needs
  • Why So Many Lubricants in My Garage?
  • They Don't Build Automobiles the Way They Used to!

Jeff Dix
Principal Engineer
Nissan Technical Center North America
Phone: 248-488-4275
Topic: Working Toward "Virtually Zero" Motor Vehicle Fatalities

Equipment Needs: Projector for presenting a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation from a laptop. Microphone is requested if a large auditorium is planned.

Henry Dominguez
Phone: 801-425-4606

  • Edsel: The Story of Henry Ford's Forgotten Son
  • Ford Automobile Design: 1926-1951: Products & Personalities

  • The Last Days of Henry Ford

Adam Garfein, Ph.D.
Partner and Co-founder, Menawat & Co.
Co-author of Execution Dynamics and Profit Mapping
Phone: 734.429.0813

  • Execution Dynamics: Driving Cost and Operational Efficiency
  • Predictive Operational Analytics for EBITDA Improvement
  • Operational Transformation, Execution and Profit Improvement.

Note: Will tailor talk and title for specific audience.

Richard Job

  • Agricultural Equipment Technology; An Overview of the State-of-the-Art Agriculture Today
  • The Homologation Process of Preparing Machinery "for sale" in Europe; A synopsis of the overall process
  • International Standards Development Process; An insight Availability
  • Available to speak at 5-6 section meetings. Restrictions
  • Cannot be away for more than 2 consecutive days.

Dave McLellan
Phone: 810-629-2777

  • The C7 Corvette has redefined "Super Car."
  • Raising the Bar on the FIA 24 Hour World Endurance Record.

Equipment needs:
Computer reading PowerPoint and a digital projector

Douglas Milliken
President, Milliken Research Associates Inc.
Phone: 810-629-2777
Topic: Data Vehicle Dynamics Modeling Presentation Requirements:

A $500 honorarium is also requested.

"LandSpeed" Louise Ann Noeth
Principal, LandSpeed Productions
Phone: 314.692.0247
Topic: Bonneville: A Century of Speed

Presentation requirements:
As a freelancer, Noeth is not supported by a corporate budget, so reimbursement for travel related expenses is required (roundtrip airfare or mileage for driving, hotel, meals, etc.). A $500 honorarium is also requested.

Equipment needs:
a slide projector with a zoom lens (autofocus on the remote control), screen, and if the audience is in excess of 75, a hand held, or lapel microphone Section must provide the projection system for the PowerPoint presentation. If video is desired, that equipment must also be supplied.

Limited availability in August and September, please contact early in the year to ensure availability.

David Oh
Topic: Artificial Intelligent Powertrain System (AIPS) in 2020

Restrictions: One month advance notice (if possible) for travel arrangement.

Equipment Needs: LCD Projector for laptop.

Larry Rinek
Senior Technology Consultant, Technical Insights
Frost & Sullivan
Phone: 650-475-4521
Topics: (detailed abstracts)

  • The Controversial F-111 Fighter/Bomber Program: An Historical Perspective
  • The Evolution of Aircraft Flight Controls: An Historical Perspective
  • Boeing's Magnificent B-52 Stratofortress Bomber
  • Defects in Aircraft Design & Materials: Engineering Lessons Learned
  • Convair F-106 Delta Dart: The Ultimate Interceptor
  • USAF B-1 Lancer: The "Bone"
  • Evolution of Rotorcraft Technology: An Historical Perspective
  • The History and Technology of Flying Wings: How Did We Get To The B-2A Bomber?

Robert (Bob) Stearns
Founder and CEO, Enlightened Leadership International
Phone: 724 933-3935

  • Perhaps a Man Can Change the Stars!: How Engineers can lead Marketers; Executives; Customers to Thrive - You can do or be anything you want to do or be!
  • Encouraging Innovative Thinking and Action
  • Malcolm Baldrige Criteria For Performance Excellence

Peter B. Sunderland
Associate Professor; Director of Undergraduate Studies; Keystone Professor
Dept. of Fire Protection Engineering ,University of Maryland
Phone: 301-405-3095
Topic: Fire Safety of Hydrogen Vehicles

Graham White
Phone: 386-719-5587

  • Unlimited Power
  • R-4360: Pratt & Whitney's Major Miracle
  • Schneider Trophy Contest

Dr. Herman Tang
Eastern Michigan University
Ypsilanti, MI
Phone: 734-487-0226

  • Main vehicle assembly processes and operations
  • Vehicle assembly operations management
  • Continuous improvement of operational performance
  • Development of vehicle assembly systems
  • Process planning for vehicle assembly
  • Tooling development management for vehicle assembly

Mohamed Zaher
Engineering Leader, LHP Software Solutions
LHP Engineering Solutions
Pontiac, MI
Phone: 312-714-9155

  • Hybrid & Electrical Vehicles: What every automotive engineer needs to know.
  • Functional Safety: What ISO 26262 is about?
  • System Development Life Cycle: What you do not learn in school and should know.
  • Software Development in automotive industry: What you need to know coming out of school.
  • Model Based Design Software Development: Baseline of knowledge