Frequently Asked Questions

Differences in Scholarships

  • SAE offers two groups of scholarships, both endowed through the SAE Foundation:
    • Freshman year of college
    • Sophomore through graduate years
  • Each scholarship is endowed (created and funded) by an individual, company, or organization. As such, they determine the eligibility requirements (not SAE)
Deadline Scholarship
February 28 Freshman year of college endowed through the SAE Foundation
February 28 Sophomore through graduate years endowed through the SAE Foundation





Application forms

  • Must use the online application process. Forms from prior years will not be considered or processed.

Cumulative GPA

  • Normalized on a 4.0 scale. This means the same as unweighted.
  • Cumulative means all courses taken (all courses on your high school transcript), not just the core courses.
  • If in doubt, ask your school counselor for guidance.
  • Refer to The CollegeBoard website to learn How to Convert Your GPA to a 4.0 Scale

Your intended major - Engineering or other

  • Refer to the criteria on each scholarship page to determine if you are eligible to apply.
  • Related sciences includes: math, chemistry, physics, biology, technologies, computer science, etc.

Official transcript

  • Submit the most current version of your official transcript via the online application site.
  • Upload with the online application.
  • Applications without transcripts will not be considered.

SAT scores

  • Only SAT I scores will be considered (not SAT II).
  • You must upload your SAT scores by the deadline in order to be considered.
  • A copy of your official scores from the SAT (ACT) website is acceptable and may be uploaded.
  • Only the scores submitted on your application will be considered, even if you receive a higher score in a later test.
  • Highest overall score - use the highest score you received in one sitting/test.
  • Highest individual scores for writing, critical reading and math - use the highest score for each, even if they were not from the same sitting/test and even if the total of the highest individual scores combined is higher than the highest overall score.

ACT scores

  • Only the scores submitted on your application will be considered, even if you receive a higher score in a later test.
  • You must upload your ACT scores by the deadline in order to be considered.
  • Official scores from the ACT website are acceptable to upload.

Ranking of SAT and ACT scores

  • This relates to the 90th percentile on the national score (not state).

  • Your percentile should be shown on the official notification of your scores.

  • Refer to the CollegeBoard website to Understand Your SAT Scores.

Testimonial letters

  • Only select scholarships require a testimonial letter. Details can be found on the description page for each scholarship.

ABET accredited university

  • ABET is the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology. To find out if an engineering program is accredited at your selected school, refer to ABET Accredited Program Search.

Notification of scholarship recipients

  • Recipients of SAE scholarships will be notified by July.