Yanmar/SAE Scholarship

This scholarship is sponsored by the SAE Foundation and through the generous support of the Yanmar America Corp.. Yanmar is the world's largest manufacturer of non-vehicle-use diesel engines. After more than half a century of producing and distributing diesel engines, Yanmar is now deeply committed to all aspects of agriculture, marine transportation, construction and general manufacturing industries. With the motto "to conserve energy is to serve mankind," Yanmar founder Magokichi Yamaoka was quick to recognize the value of the diesel engine over the kerosene engines which Yanmar originally built. Given the urgency of limited fuel supplies and environmental concerns over continued use of fossil fuel, Yanmar established this scholarship to help promote their philosophy.

  • U.S. Resident
  • Incoming college Senior or Graduate student at the time of application.
  • Applicant must be pursuing course of study or research related to the conservation of energy in transportation, agriculture & construction, and power generation through a U.S. ABET accredited program
  • Emphasis will be placed on study or research related to the internal combustion engine
  • Applicant will detail a unique accomplishment demonstrating how you developed something new or improved upon an existing item/system/technology and the benefit that was gained. Did this accomplishment inspire you to pursue your intended major / career path? If so, please explain how.

  • Applicant will provide two (2) Letters of Recommendation - one (1) that focuses on academics and one (1) that outlines involvement in extra-curricular activities or employment

  • One scholarship will be awarded each year for $1,000 per year.
  • Scholarship may be renewed at $1,000 a year for one additional years (total award $2,000).
  • Recipients will be selected by the SAE Scholarship Committee and notified by the end of June.
  • This scholarship will be paid into your account at your selected university in July/August.
  • It can be used for tuition or any other incidental school expenses.