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The mobility industry is rapidly evolving. From the advances in safety to the charge to meet carbon neutrality to the shift in autonomous vehicles, you’re pushing the boundaries and building the future. Increase your professional visibility by sharing your research with 300,000+ engineers, designers, and researchers via the SAE Mobilus® platform. Choose the option that best fits your needs: preprints, technical papers, journals, research reports and books.

SAE’s customers span the globe, and all content is available through Mobilus, our robust online platform with more than 220,000 pieces of content. Your research will reach corporations, academia, and government professionals across all segments of the automotive, commercial vehicles, and aerospace/aviation industries.

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Typically, when you’re focusing on research, your idea is new. So, you want to get your ideas out as quickly as possible. SAE offered the perfect platform that not only offers efficiency in terms of publishing but also a wide reachability to the community so that our research can be exposed to the right people.
    – Chengshi Wang, Sr. Software Engineer & Test Engineer at Mathworks

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The SAE name is synonymous with high-quality information for mobility engineers worldwide, so we understand the amount of work it takes to go from an idea to final product. Our editorial team is here to support you throughout the publishing process. 

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SAE makes it very easy. Overall, I never thought I'd be a first author on a paper, so SAE gave me an opportunity that I haven't had elsewhere in my career. And being able to publish my work really accelerated the interest in the use of the technology in the market and that has enabled me to continue to build on those efforts.
    – Amanda Nummy, Materials Engineer at Hyundai Motor Group


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Institutional Review Boards

SAE International is committed to ethical and compliant research and publications. Each author has the sole responsibility to confirm approval from the applicable Institutional Review Board (IRB) where necessary and required. All submissions to SAE publications should receive IRB approval in the following cases, including, but not limited to: 

  • Research involving human subjects: in order to assure the protection of the rights and welfare of human subjects and to ensure the institution and researchers/investigators have complied with applicable regulations

  • Any information or product that is subject to FDA approval, testing, or regulation

  • Any information or product that is required to follow Department of Health and Human Services (specifically Office for Human Research Protections) guidelines and regulations

  • Any information that is part of an application for a product, research, or marketing permit subject to FDA inspection or regulation

IRBs may grant exceptions to these requirements, which the author is required to provide upon request by the Publisher.

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SAE International is a centenary institution with a global reputation dedicated to automotive and aerospace, as well as related matters with mechanical and industrial engineering. The publications of the institution present high quality and great interest to academics, researchers, managers, engineers, and other professionals of industry.
    – J. Paulo Davim, Professor Catedrático (Full Professor), University of Aveiro