SAE International

Why publish with SAE?

Here are just a few reasons to choose SAE as a publisher for your book or paper manuscript:

  • The SAE name is synonymous with high-quality information for mobility engineers worldwide.
  • The might of SAE's marketing capabilities and the organization's unparalleled reach to the ground vehicle and aerospace communities. SAE's customer base includes more than 500,000 individuals from around the world, 127,000 of which are members serviced annually by the organization. SAE book marketing campaigns can include press releases, web and newsletter ads, e-mail blasts, targeted list development, pages for the book and author(s) on the SAE website, blogs, launch events, book signings, and more.
  • SAE offers premier project management, editorial, and production services.
  • As a small, niche publisher, SAE offers highly personalized attention to its authors throughout the publishing process.
  • SAE offers comparable publishing agreements and royalty rates of larger commercial publishers.
  • Author discounts on copies of their books.
  • Networking opportunities with other SAE authors.
  • The advantage of SAE's publishing partner network of co-publishers, resellers, and distributors.
  • Extensive resource tools for authors.
  • E-book and e-chapter offerings in addition to printed volumes.

Book Author Resources

SAE seeks authors who can write books for automotive, aerospace, and commercial vehicle engineers. We are interested in proposals on a wide variety of mobility engineering topics.

The first step is to submit a proposal so that we can thoroughly evaluate your idea. Please contact Sherry Nigam at to begin the proposal submission process and evaluation.

More information about SAE's book publishing program is available at the following links: