Book Author Guidelines

SAE authors must follow the guidelines outlined in the SAE Author Tool Kit when preparing manuscripts and artwork. Manuscripts that are not formatted according to the SAE guidelines will be returned to the author for revision. Authors will receive the SAE Author Tool Kit prior to signing the Publishing Agreement. 

SAE International Book Author Toolkit is provided as an extensive resource on every aspect of our publishing process. We encourage you to look up information in the Toolkit as you need it. This summary of our expectations for every manuscript may be used as a checklist to map your progress. Deviating from this checklist may result in long publishing delays. 


DATES: Familiarize yourself with your due dates per your contract. 

PRODUCT CODE: Ask for your book’s product code. Every file you submit must start with R-XXX. 


TEMPLATE: Use the SAE Book Template for all Word documents.

CHAPTERS: Each chapter should be saved as a separate document. 

HEADINGS: We prefer you use no more than three levels of headings. 

EQUATIONS: Use Math Type or the Equation Editor in Word for all equations. 

TABLES: Tables should be typed in Word with the appropriate style names applied. 

CAPTIONS: Figure captions should be typed in Word and actual figures should not be embedded into the document. 


IMAGES: Each image must be submitted as a separate file. We accept .jpeg, .png, .tif, and .eps files. We prefer a minimum of 300 dpi. 

PERMISSIONS: Complete the “Image Inventory Log” and submit with all permissions. Each chapter must have a separate image log. 

Book Sections

FRONT MATTER: Remember to submit a preface and/or introduction, dedication, acknowledgements, and an “About the Author” with a photo. 

FOREWORD: Consider who may be appropriate to write the Foreword for your book. 


OVERVIEW: After you submit your manuscript, you will be asked to consider the cover. While the cover must adhere to SAE Branding, you will be asked for your input. 

IMAGE: Cover images are selected from 

BACK COVER COPY: Marketing copy will be provided for your review, but you will need to consider what to use as your back cover quote. 

If you need a copy of the most recent Author Tool Kit, please contact the publisher, Sherry Nigam.