The SAE book publishing process

SAE Books explores topics critical to mobility engineering. Our authors represent the most respected and innovative researchers in the industry. Engineering companies and universities around the world rely on SAE to help build and maintain the highly complex knowledge base required of their staff, researchers, and students.
We understand that finding time to write a book can be challenging and as such we usually plan for a book cycle to take two full years. Authors are engaged in every step including reviewing typeset pages and providing input on cover designs.

The SAE book publishing process

One of the advantages of publishing your book with SAE is our commitment to supporting our authors. We believe trust between authors and editors play a key part of the success of a book. As such authors and editors are paired after the contract is signed and will work together until the book is published.

Step 1: The proposal
The first step in publishing your book with SAE is to provide us with your book proposal. To get started with your proposal, please complete the Book Proposal Form and send to Sherry Nigam . If your proposal fits within the scope of SAE's book publishing program, we will work with you to prepare a sample chapter and tentative schedule.

Step 2: Publishing agreement
Once your book has been accepted, you will be sent a draft publishing agreement. This standard publishing industry publishing agreement covers everything from royalties and foreign rights to manuscript expectations and final schedule.

Step 3: Writing your book
It generally takes several months to a year to write a book, but it depends on your project's complexity, size, how experienced a writer you are, how much you have already written, and how much time you regularly devote to the project.

Step 4: Getting permission to reprint material
It can take months to secure permission from other publishers to use previously published material (figures, photos, tables, etc.), so start as soon as you know you are going to use such material in your book.

Step 5: Submitting your draft chapters
As you write your manuscript, format them per the author guidelines and submit them according to schedule. You will receive feedback regarding the format and quality of images, as well as suggestions for strengthening the writing of the manuscript.

Step 6: Submitting your final manuscript
You may submit your manuscript once you are completely satisfied with the text, figures and tables and all permissions are received. Keep in mind that you may only make minimal changes during the copyedit and proofreading stages.

Step 7: Book Production
Your Product Manager will review your final manuscript to ensure it is complete and adheres to our guidelines. If the manuscript is accepted, your PM submits the manuscript to our Production team. You will receive a schedule for your copyedit and page proof reviews. It is critical you clear your calendar during these few days. After submission, it generally takes 6 to 9 months to publish the average manuscript.

Step 8: Publishing
Your book will first be available as an eBook. Thanks to our print-on-demand distribution program your book will be available to order from Amazon within 10 days after the eBook is released. Our physical inventory will arrive approximately six weeks after the eBook.

Step 9: Marketing and Sales
Each book receives a custom marketing plan to ensure it is positioned correctly for the market. Your plan may include direct to customer e-mails, social media post, paid search engine optimization, as well as inclusion in various corporate marketing campaigns. In addition, we send out product information to retailers, resellers, libraries, and content aggregators like ProQuest and EBSCO.

Remember, no one knows your book as well as you. We encourage you to review these tips for self-promotion.

Complete details about the publishing process are available in the SAE International Book Author Toolkit.

More information
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