The Submission Process

Manuscript Submission Process

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To submit an original manuscript for review, please go to: All submissions are subject to a plagiarism check.


Peer Review

The non-event technical paper process uses Handling Editors (experts in their respective subject matter), who are responsible for the initial evaluation of a manuscript and determine whether the paper should be rejected outright (for poor quality or inappropriate content) or sent for peer review. The Handling Editor selects peer reviewers and, along with SAE staff, guides the peer-review process. Three reviews are required for each manuscript that has entered the process. Once reviews have been evaluated by the Handling Editor, s/he decides if a manuscript should be rejected or returned to the author for revisions suggested by the reviews. Manuscripts are not generally accepted at the first stage but are, instead, asked to make revisions. Please see here for the guidelines that SAE reviewers use.

Revisions and Author Responses

If you agree to revise your work, you should mark your changes using a different color typeface within the revised manuscript in order to make identification of significant changes and/or additions apparent for the Handling Editor and reviewers. You should also submit a formal response detailing each point that has been raised in the reviewer comments. Failure to address reviewer comments or provide sound reasoning behind your rebuttal of suggested changes may result in a rejection of your paper for publication.

Post-Acceptance Publication Process

Manuscripts undergo an IP (intellectual property) review to ensure that any material that is taken from another source has proper permissions and credit. Once approved, the manuscript is transferred to the SAE Content Management team for paging. Authors will receive proofs to review, which may have queries marked, and authors are requested to return any corrections and answer any queries within 72 hours. After all corrections are confirmed, the paper will be posted to MOBILUS®, our online platform, and given a Digital Object Identifier (DOI).