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SAE Technical Papers

SAE Technical Papers (formerly known as written-only papers) provide authors with the opportunity to publish their original, topically relevant work outside a specific event’s production timeline. These papers are made available as soon as the submissions are received, reviewed, revised, and accepted for publication. Acceptance of papers through this track includes a double-blind peer-review process as well as the opportunity to publish for open access. The goal is to provide authors the flexibility to publish on their schedule along with a faster time to publication.

SAE International is now offering Open Access for technical papers for US $750 per article. For more information, click here.


SAE Technical Papers is currently looking to increase the number of Handling Editors. These are experts in their field who manage the paper review and publication decision process. If interested, please contact

Technical Paper Process

1. Write the Manuscript

SAE Technical Papers incorporate a full manuscript for acceptance of review. The manuscript should include an abstract, body, conclusion, references, and figures/tables. The abstract should provide clear and concise statements on the contents of the paper. It should contain information on what the work is about; how the work is different from other previously published, related work; a brief discussion on the novelty of the work; the methodology that has been followed; and the theory that has been used to complete the work. Follow the guidelines below for the proper layout

2. Submit Your Manuscript