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Dr. Rahul Razdan    

CEO, Raztech Research Institute



Dr. Rahul Razdan is a seasoned scientist and business executive who has had significant roles in the world of academia, startups, and fortune 500 companies. In corporate roles, he was the Sr Vice President of Strategy for Flextronics (FLEX), General Manager of the System and Functional Verification Business at Cadence Design Systems (CDNS), and Alpha CPU architect at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). He has successfully built successful startups in areas such wireless power, machine learning, and low-power electronics design.

In academia, beyond a large range of worldwide collaborations, he maintains academic appointments at the University of Florida, Florida Polytechnic University, and Institute for Human Machine Cognition. Today, he is CEO of Raztech Research Institute, a  technology based research institute which incubates ideas in the  intersection of technology and society.  Active projects for the  institute include<> in the area of autonomous vehicles, in the area of STEM education, and<> in the  area of EDA for long life cycle products.  He has a BS (1984) and MS  (1985) from CMU and Phd from Harvard University (1994)




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